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Climate Crisis. Atia storm → UK, Typhoon Kamurri → Phillippines. Floods in Africa. Large Hail in USA

CLIMATE CRISIS. Atia storm → UK, Typhoon ”Kamurri” → Phillippines. FLOODS → Africa.LARGE HAIL → Australia, USA

ALLATRA TV reporters continue to cover large-scale climate change around the world. Watch in this episode:

– Atia storm hits Ireland and the UK
– Typhoon “Kammuri” hit the central part of the Philippines
– Floods in Angola, Uganda, Burundi, South Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia and South Sudan
– Large hail in Australia, South Africa and the USA

Significant climate changes are striking humanity now. If in one part of the world there is heavy rainfall leading to floods, then in another: heat, which causes fires, droughts and lack of water, which also affects a huge number of people. Mankind does not have time to adapt to such rapid natural changes on the planet.

We need to unite on the basis of common to all mankind values! Indeed, in a society of consumers and egoists, no one will have a chance to survive, and no matter how much money we have in our account. The way we show ourselves in critical situations is the result of the values ​​we are guided by every day. Society begins with you and you decide what tomorrow will be for all of humanity!

ALLATRA TV is a television that aims to bring people together around the world. And one of its tasks is to cover the events that are actually happening with our home – Planet Earth.

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