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Climate. The Future is Now

Sharp climate change. What should everyone know?

How to survive tomorrow? The programme, which acutely raises vital topics of climate change on the planet and warns about the upcoming events. Cataclysms. Causes and effects. Why are natural disasters increasing in number and strength? The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems” – the events which are coming true right before our eyes. 

The point of no return, how much time is left? Are you confident that tomorrow your life will not change dramatically, and your family will not join the ranks of millions of climate refugees? What should everyone do today so that tomorrow he or she does not become a victim of consumer society and egoistic thinking? What should everyone do now to avoid a sad fate? A lot depends on you. How to change the course of events? 

Society. Choice and freedom. How to stop being silent? Together people can do a lot! How to attain unity? What is the negativity of consciousness and what is the freedom of Personality? 

How eschatology, climatology, and cosmic processes are connected with the vector of development of the entire humanity? What are people actually capable of and what do religions keep silent about? Real examples of people’s unity based on the common inner spiritual basis, humanity, and mutual assistance in modern society.



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