Climate observation

Climate. What is happening?

  • Are we aware of what era we live in? That all the prophets spoke of this time?
  • Are global climate changes inevitable?
  • What are humanity’s options?
  • What needs to be done to build a creative society as quickly as possible?

Speakers will address these topics in our roundtable discussion format “Broadcast at 17:30”, that is initiated by participants of the global human project “Creative Society.” Join us for a live broadcast on April 23, 2021, at 17:30 (GMT).

PRECEDENT: On March 20, 2021, we witnessed the purification of the Truth brought by the prophets at various times and twisted in favor of a small group of people. These topics were raised by people from all over the world, of different religions and cultures. Millions of people around the world watched the conference “Creative Society. What the prophets dreamed of”, which was simultaneously translated into more than 45 languages.

International Conference “Creative Society. What the prophets dreamed of

Video “Sign

Video “What the prophets dreamed of

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