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On May 7, 2022, the International Online Forum “Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live

I actually made a decision a long time ago that communication with money is more important to me. So, when I was invited to the conference to voice the truth for the sake of saving people’s lives, I recalled money and my status and thought that the event wasn’t worth my respect!

I even responded to them in a respectful manner! Sort of, thank you for the invitation, but without a fee, for me, it’s an empty effort. It’s great that you deal with reporting these problems, but this is not what I’m paid for. Arrivederci, end of contact!

Conscience is under lock and key, my family is in a castle on the island, while I’m wearing sandals and a panama hat! Cool! I’ll go bathe in my pool with a marvelous view, drink a cocktail and eat some pineapple!

Where is the noise coming from? What is the fuss all about? “Earth is on fire, the ground is cracking. Save yourselves, friends!” I get up and dress myself leisurely. Of course, I’m upset ‘cause I’ve been lying here in kef!

Approaching the balcony edge, I keep wondering: what cracks and fires? I’m a climatologist. I make forecasts. I’m an expert in that. Nothing like that was predicted for today.

I’m on the balcony, looking down. I understand it’s not window dressing or populism, there’s real fire/
People really suffer, but how is this possible? There is usually an advance warning. Measures are supposed to be taken, evacuation and so forth, there’s been a protocol for a long time now, and everyone knows that!

A thought hit my body as an electric discharge! I saw this on my devices ‘cause it’s me who informs others! Damn it! Firmness gave way to panic, an avalanche rushed through my head, and suddenly I recalled my family! They are in the forest, already on fire!

I shout from the balcony like a madman, but millions of other people’s screams cover my shout. I got the point and started crying. I never thought it would hit us too!

All the wealth I accumulated so greedily is dust. I’m helpless. The only words I now say is what I forgot a long time ago: “Our Father, I haven’t asked anything from you for years. Save my family! I’ve been blind for so long!”

Flashback of the past in my head, retrospective film shots from myself to myself!

I recalled my childhood when I was a little boy. I recalled my parents, my heartbeat and my desire to serve people and bring sunlight into the world!

Plus, a situation came back to my memory: my dad was a firefighter, and once during a party he received an alarming message. People were on fire, the fires were severe, and evacuation was announced in our town!

Everyone panicked, houses were on fire. I was so little, I was crying and promised to myself that when I grow up I would be a hero like my dad! So that people don’t suffer and don’t get into terrible climate situations.

I would become the one who studies climate and gives people information timely. For I actually saw with my own eyes that technologies which are fashionable today are powerless before natural disasters!

I slowly come to my senses, recalling who I am. Tears are running down my cheeks like when I was a boy. The same heartbeat and fire in my chest. Thank you, Lord, for letting me get warm!

I raised all my connections and sounded an alarm. This time we made it, I thank only God! The fire is put out, no victims are found. I recalled the letter which I had thrown away!

I found it.

I’m opening it and reading the lines:

We kindly invite you to the forum on May 7th, 2022. One of the topics is climate change. What is happening to nature? You are an expert, and we need your opinion. We need only truth from you about climate in order to save billions of people! Only in unity can we find solutions in the current situation because there is already information that it’s only a beginning and climate will get worse!

I closed the letter and carefully put it aside. I called my family and for the first time in years told them I love them!

I confessed that our entire family success is built on lies and the lives of those who trusted the words I publicly said. I exposed myself, took off the masks, and for the first time in many years I took a breath of relief. I looked into the eyes of my son and said: “My son, I promise to you that in the future you will live, and your life will be happy. You will rejoice in the sun just like in my childhood I did!”

Now I know what I need to do! I will not surrender! For you, my son, and for the sake of all people on earth! I’m no longer afraid to tell the truth because the price of silence is human lives.

And I’m not the only one like that!

Thank you for the example of acting in unity! I’m proud of being a part of the Creative Society team!

Friends! I have no doubt that we will succeed! But every one of us is needed for that! After all, each of us has that value for the sake of which it is worth acting! My value is the future of my little kids and the life of every person on earth!

And what is your value?


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