Kaleidoscope of facts

Competition or Unification? The Сhoice is Yours!

The whole world today lives by the “divide and conquer” approach. Humans, like animals, compete with each other to achieve greater benefits and advantages.

  • What vivid examples and types of competition can we find in the animal world? What causes it?
  • Where has living according to animal laws led human society?
  • Why do people continue to die of hunger and thirst while there are tremendous opportunities in today’s world?
  • What do we lack and what lies at the root of artificially created crises?
  • How did humankind find itself on the brink of self-destruction? Is there a way out?
  • What do people need to do to live in a beautiful and prosperous world?

“The Phenomenon of Unity | Kaleidoscope of Facts 28” 

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