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Comprehensive Environmental Pollution | International Round Table

July 24, 2021, is a special date in the history of mankind. On this day, an unprecedented conference called “Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone“, which was interpreted simultaneously into 72 languages and broadcast on thousands of media platforms around the world, took place. The information that was announced at this conference generated a huge resonance in society. Round tables are organized daily to discuss the topics raised at this conference.

Today, in an international discussion with speakers from different countries of the world, the following issues will be raised:

  • What is the situation with soils in Africa?
  • Climate change: are we ready for the global challenges ahead, given that billions of people will have to flee their homes in the near future?
  • We have a right to know! On the importance of informing all people of the planet

Dear friends! Now it is very important that everyone has the opportunity to find out the truth. Let’s share with each other information about the conference and the Creative Society project. Only together can we survive global climate change and create a society in which the value of human life comes first.

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