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Questions of participants from various countries regarding the spiritual path, and answers from Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

First steps on the way to the Spiritual World include studying oneself and studying one’s consciousness, how it works. How does consciousness cause conflicts in human existence, resentment and discord among people? What does consciousness tell, and what does Personality feel? Life examples. Family and relationships with relatives. Mundane religious manipulation and mundane atheism. How does the devil (the system) act through consciousness of people in a family, atheists, believers, scientists, and people who follow the spiritual path? How to stop being a puppet in his net of manipulations and programs?

First steps towards the Spiritual World. Experience and practice. What is Love for God? What does Personality feel? What is the power of God? Questions and answers. Practical experiences of participants from various countries.

In this programme, Igor Mikhailovich Danilov said, “God’s power is in His Love, His Love for us. If we don’t attain this Love, if we don’t give it back, it wanes in us. But if we multiply it in ourselves and share it with everyone around us, it grows much more. And indeed, what you give to God is returned a hundredfold…”

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