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Consciousness’ Secret Addiction to Serials. Now, Where is the Freedom Here? Olya, USA. My Understanding # 2

How many times a day do we hear the same phrase in our consciousness: “I don’t have time for this!” This can relate to things like reading books, keeping a diary, doing spiritual practices and meditations, or watching popular science videos. But everything changes when you come home, sit down on your favorite sofa, press the cherished button and just dive for hours into the “magic” realms of all sorts of TV serials and shows, while, in fact, into someone else’s life and an empty illusion! And as if “by magic”, suddenly out of nowhere, there appear not just minutes, but whole hours of free time !!!! And here is an interesting point. Why do I spend my precious time and attention on some kind of nonsense, on illusion! From where does consciousness take so much passion for all sorts of shows, films and soap operas? What happens to me as a Personality during these hours?! And what to do with all this, anyway?  I have found key insights on this matter thanks to the video “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” and I’d like to share them with you! I really look forward to your feedback in the comments!

Friends, please, share how you manage this “megalomania of consciousness”. Were you able to track down something of this kind? How were you able to see its root and how to  remove it. Hello everyone! Today, I would like to share with you some of my other observations and discoveries after watching the video “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive “. Almost at the very end of the programme, Zhanna says that people spend a huge amount of time on TV shows, on idle chatter, and on all other kinds of such rubbish.

And, you know, I would like to confess to you, I’m just, it’s terrible, but I’m a very big fan of it, well, it’s not me, but my consciousness, it was and still is, a very big fan of all kinds of TV shows and serials. And, you know, there was such a moment when consciousness told me: “I’m tired. I need my brain to rest.” For the record, I clean houses, my brain does not strain in the process, all work is purely physical and is the same.  So, it starts like this: “I’m tired, my brain is tired, I’m tired of thinking, I need some distraction and entertainment, I need to watch a show.”

And, you know, it feels like there you are staring at the screen and you’re sitting, like, in a “white-out”, right? And also there was a moment when I was doing meditations, my consciousness always said: “Your hand is relaxed, your leg is relaxed”. I invest my attention in the whole thing all the time. And then, when I’m watching a show, I suddenly realize that my mouth is opened, and I’m so deeply in it, I am so absorbed by all that, and that my attention is just … While attention, as we remember, is a very important aspect of our personal development. So, I’m just totally there in this show, in this serial, and I don’t even feel my legs, my arms, my breath. I’m absolutely not distracted by anything.

And so, I started to wonder. Well, what the heck is going on, what’s the catch here, what’s that hook, why am I sitting there in all that and waste my precious hours on all this?  Sixteen… And most importantly, consciousness tells me: “You don’t have time, you cannot watch the programme that lasts twelve hours.”

But I want to confess honestly and frankly: I spent sixteen hours to watch a show from the beginning to the end, just non-stop. So, I just sat down and flushed sixteen hours down the toilet! And so, my remarks, after watching this serial (it was a serial about maniacs and murderers) – so creepy.

I noted such a thing, it made me afraid to walk my dog outside at night. Well, just to open the door and let it out, because my mind started to imagine scary stuff. Like, there’s a maniac sitting behind a bush and all that.

I also noticed that my consciousness really likes shows, where people transform themselves.

And I decided: okay, then I’ll look at it from another angle. And I saw, guys, honestly, that without inner change, without knowledge, without understanding “Who I am,” changes are not possible.

Yes, outwardly they can brush, shoe, dress, teach consciousness some new words, make it read books. But without fundamental knowledge, it is practically impossible for a person to change.

Well, from my experience I’d like to tell to you: while I did not know, who I am, yeah, I thought, that all this is me – thoughts, emotions, body needs of sorts.
I thought it’s all me: I want all that, I hate someone, I want to abuse someone. But when I started to write a diary, by the way, yes, there’s  my friend here, my diary, my consciousness dislikes it terribly to keep records in it. 
When I started to keep a diary, to write down honestly what’s what, I realized that it’s not me, it’s not me, it’s someone else, that it’s all not mine, that my consciousness is always lying.
And so it has such a major lie that “You don’t have time for anything at all. You’re so busy, you’re just … What books? Come on!”
Guys, to tell you the truth, I work half a day, and it tells me: “I don’t have time.”
And when I began to catch on, what’s consuming my time: to browse Instagram, to watch TV serial.
And when it all adds up in these precious minutes, and I see where my attention is leaking to: not inside, not to the Soul, I’m not directed to the Spiritual world, – that’s when I got scared.
And I saw that I’m just wasting away my life for such garbage, for the tricks of the system, for illusory worlds that do not even exist. And it is so interesting that I’m really worrying about those series characters, which are not even real. I swear at them because of how they behave…

Can you imagine, what an illusion and self-deception it is indeed?
And I got really scared. I am thinking: well, how? .. I’m just sitting, I see all that, someone is grumbling inside me: “Bu-bu-bu,” the other one gets irritated…
And, of course, it is dangerous, of course, it is unpleasant.
But what prevents me from redirecting all this attention to where I should redirect – that is into my Soul.
What does it cost me to direct my attention to the Spiritual world and to cognize myself?
To spend this half an hour reading a book, it might as well be a religious one, to read a prayer, to watch a programme, watch some good programme, scientific and educational, for example, to write down the same thoughts for 15-20 minutes.
This is very simple, really.
Because when you realize this, and yes, this is one more thing to mention. My consciousness told me (when Zhanna in the programme talked about the need to take control of one’s … or Igor Mikhailovich … on Zhanna’s words about vanity and everyday routine), such a thought crossed my mind that: “What? Should I give up everything? All my pleasures? “
And a fear, you know, such a fear attacked me.
And the next thing followed: “I’ve worked so long for this, for this freedom. And now they take it away from me!”

In other words, consciousness took control over me as a Personality and called this idleness a freedom, roughly speaking, right?
It’s like a paralytic: you are sitting in front of the TV with your mouth open, saliva flowing out, you are watching those endless shows and serials. And that’s freedom?
I do not want such a freedom. I want real, spiritual freedom, when consciousness and the system have no power over me, when they are under my control, when I live in peace, in God, in Love, in that Joy which comes from within.
What could be better than that? When thoughts have no power over me.
They fly in, they never say anything good, they are constantly turning me against other people…
But when I turn to the kind and warm that I have inside, then I don’t care about thoughts, I don’t care what they bring me.
Everything disappears. There remain only I and this Love that is inside me. Therefore, the daily choice  – it is very important, as well as honesty towards yourself!
That’s all I wanted to share with you today. 
Please do not waste your time for nothing, spend it on something that you need to spend it to, just as your attention.

Thank you.