Primordial physics

Constructor of elementary particles from Po particles

“The knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS allows oneself to look behind the secrecy curtain of the structure of the material world, to learn about the origin of its primary interactions and processes. There is a tablet known from ancient times that contains information about the quantitative composition of phantom Po particles of each particle which take part in the most common and significant processes of nature connected with interaction of matter and its structure. It contains the description of both the particles that we already know about (which were mentioned under other names and notations in ancient times) and the particles which science still does not know about yet.” – from the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS report.

Modern computer technology allows us to present the data about the quantitative composition of Po particles in a more visual form (compared to the ancient tablets). Thus, based on the knowledge of elementary particles structure given in the report “PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS”, a given constructor has been created.


This constructor makes it possible to simulate and visualize the three-dimensional arrangement of Po particles in photon, neutrino, proton, and other particles that haven’t been discovered by official science yet (P7, P25, P39, P47, P60). This modelling also enables us to see the signs that are the basis of every particle.

In the process of modelling it is possible to set the quantity of Po particles, regulate the initial construction angle. The coloring scheme and particles’ sizes can also be changed for a better visual presentation.

The constructor would be interesting for both scientists and all curious people. As it is said in the book “AllatRa” : “Indeed, each person is a research scientist in a way, regardless of his or her profession.”

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