Friday, February 21, 2020
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Life is a moment. And each person wants to be happy in this moment. He wants to but is not able to. Why? After all, happiness is so close. One needs only turn to the side of Good and simply become a Human.

— Anastasia Novykh, Sensei of Shambala. Book II


Severe Floods → Oman, Indonesia. Record-breaking cold → Canada. Showers with large hail → Australia.

ALLATRA TV reporters continue to cover large-scale climate change around the world.

Honesty and Love are the Basis of a Close-Knit Family

Ruslan is the father of four children. In this video he sincerely shares what thoughts came to him when he started working on himself:...

Troye and Jessica (USA). Social survey within “The Future is Now” project on the ALLATRA platform

In this social survey within the framework "THE FUTURE IS NOW" project Troye and Jessica from USA shares their understanding of a creative and...