Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Doubts are like steam that comes out for a short time, but then disappears. Hence, don’t allow boiling in order to avoid puffs of steam and to prevent precious water, which is knowledge, from vaporizing. Control your thoughts.

— Anastasia Novykh, Sensei of Shambala. Book III


Paleocontact. Alien civilizations, Disclosure of secrets. Kaleidoscope Of Facts 3

On October 13, 2020, the third International Conference was held within the framework of the "Kaleidoscope of Facts" project - "Paleocontact". This conference was prepared...

Climate chaos — the realities of our time! Typhoon Haishen. Fires in the United States, earthquake in Iran

In this episode, you will learn: cataclysms that occurred at the beginning of September 2020 around the world the real reason for the growing...

Active sales of life. Shadow Control. Eyewitness stories

It turns out that we can't even imagine what price we have to pay if we turn to fortune-tellers, predictors and magicians. In this...