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Creative and Constructive Worldview in Modern Music Culture. Fresh Start. Game of Professionals

On February 9, 2020, at 13:00 (GMT+0) on the AllatRa movement platform, will be held conference on the topic of “Creative and constructive worldview in modern music culture. Fresh start”.
How can musical art help in shaping a creative and constructive worldview in society?

Music is a universal language of feelings that everyone can understand. It inspires and unites many people around the world.
The conference will be a continuation of a series GAMES OF PROFESSIONALS on the topic: “Culture and Art in a Creative and Constructive Society”.

In the format of the round table, participants will raise the following topics:
– Creative and Constructive worldview in the contemporary musical culture. Fresh start;
– About the role of sound. In the beginning there was a Sound;
– Music is a universal language of unity that everyone can understand;
– Music and spirituality in a creative and constructive society;
– Music making and active listening as a way of self-knowledge.

Answers to these and many other questions, as well as internal discoveries and insights of professionals from all over the world in a live dialogue with the conference participants.

Live broadcast will be conducted from Kiev (Ukraine) with an opportunity to connect online from anywhere in the world
We invite all those who are actively interested in music culture and are ready to search for answers to the exciting questions of our time together.

Mexico City 07: 00
New York 8: 00
Sao Paulo 10: 00
London 13: 00
Berlin 14: 00
Prague 14:00
Kyiv 15: 00
Moscow 16: 00
New Delhi 18: 30
Bishkek 19:00
Beijing at 21:00

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