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For the majority of the world community, it is already obvious that we, as the civilization of a consumerist format, have come to a dead end. Events that have been happening lately are another confirmation of that. The tendencies are such that, if nothing is done, we will move to a phase of irreversible consequences which will put an end to our entire civilization once and for all.

If we take a close look at our contemporary world, it’s a world of vulnerability and lack of protection for the prevailing majority of the planet’s population, a world of constant risks and dangers to human life. Society’s extremely acute issues relating to the safe existence of every person are either not taken into account by specialized agencies and local government authorities, or kept silent about, or moved out of sight. Needs of the civilian population are not visible behind the political pursuit and constant conflicts between the political forces that play their endless games of lies and deceit. Widespread corruption, popularization of self-enrichment and consumption a priori exclude any opportunity to improve the welfare of the entire society and every person in it. In their search for those who are responsible for their misfortunes, ordinary people often blame those whom they see on the screen and to whom they have delegated power over themselves.

Every person would like to live in a society that would guarantee his personal safety, welfare and stability. Everyone would want to ensure a safe and comfortable future for subsequent generations. At various times, this need has urged many people to undertake risks with a hope of implementing a cherished dream of a better life. From history, we know how numerous attempts were made in order to change the situation in one or another region by overthrowing the authorities and stirring up revolutions, riots and revolts, with replacement of one ideology with another. Such historical examples not only failed to satisfy the population’s expectations of changes for the better, but have also left in people’s memory negative consequences of a collapse of another ideology. Human victims, drastic decrease in the level of citizens’ living standards, economic decline, mass impoverishment and famine among the population, conditions on the verge of survival. Experiences of the past have left their imprint in consciousness of the masses, that supposedly it is actually unrealistic to implement such ideas of a better life for society, and that any subsequent statement regarding the possibility of building a society of equality and freedom is akin to a dangerous utopia which can once again cause similar painful losses and hardships.

Now, as a consequence, the society itself, while witnessing the current crisis situation in the world, is mostly a passive observer of this regress; it sees neither solutions nor a way out, yet it continues to need changes for the better. The rest of the society does not see a way out either, but it is guided by another extreme which is manifested in extremism and radicalism through revolutions and riots, causing disturbance in peaceful civilian existence. So, what is the way out? Is it actually possible for our humanity to get out of the current deplorable situation, to get out of it in a peaceful way, not through a loss, but solely through gaining and improving, without repeating the bitter experience of losses of the past, and to create a much longed-for and wonderful world for everyone?


The video Creative Society Unites Everyone with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, released on ALLATRA TV YouTube channel, has revealed to me the information which provides complete answers to these and other questions. I regard the information given in the video as the most rational and well-grounded. It covers both the global worldwide level and the personal level. This video explains mistakes of our past and causes of the deplorable state of our present. Taking into account the latest events happening in the world, the provided information is timely and relevant as never before.

But the main thing is that it provides a way out of the dead end, in which our humanity has found itself today. Moreover, tools are given which are necessary for achieving really swift development of our society, which are clear to everyone and lead to a subsequent evolutionary leap. The information given in the video explains step-by-step how all of us can achieve a better life and create a society of our dreams precisely in a peaceful way, without hardships and losses, without violence and revolutions, solely in enhancement of the welfare of every inhabitant of the planet, and not the minority as it stands now.

The only alternative for our humanity is to build the Creative Society. Based on the information given in the video Creative Society Unites Everyone, an understanding has come that the Creative Society idea is radically and qualitatively different from any other ideas that have existed over the last 6,000 years in the history of our humanity. For a more comprehensive understanding of the very idea of the Creative Society, and for a complete understanding of the described stages of building the Creative Society, we need to recognize that difference and those crucial mistakes which were the reason for collapse of every order and every ideology, and look into the causes of the current disastrous state of our society.


Who holds the power? 

When the governance of society is concentrated in the hands of one person or in the hands of a small group of people, when we, people, endow someone with unlimited power, this is eventually fraught with serious consequences both for our entire society and for those individuals to whom we have delegated power over ourselves. After all, those who are in power are ordinary people with needs, desires and human weaknesses similar to those of any person. The only difference is what conditions they are surrounded by and what those conditions activate in the delegates themselves.

A vivid historical example is that very ideology of communism. This ideology originally contained a favorable for society idea of eliminating social inequality and classes and returning power into the hands of common people. However, the unwillingness of political leaders of that time to part with power and comply with the original ideas and promises marked the beginning of communism’s decline and, consequently, its ultimate collapse. A similar situation applies to any other example where power of a minority over the majority might be the case.

The information given in the video Creative Society Unites Everyone about mirror neurons is a very understandable explanation of how the very conditions of power destroy a person from the inside. Changes in one’s brain occur which affect empathy. As Igor Mikhailovich Danilov explained in the video, whole groups of mirror neurons are damaged. Thus, the fact of such people’s exaltation of themselves over others leads to a decline in their morality and values. As a result, we observe a lack of love for fellow humans and of compassion, an inability to properly interact with people and learn from others. How can such a person care about other people’s needs? How is it possible in such a state to properly evaluate the situation in a country and take relevant measures if necessary? Common people become involuntary witnesses of how this is actually manifested, repeatedly observing the difference between the original promises of such individuals and their subsequent activity at the official posts. In those who hold the power, thinking processes and conclusions as well as perception of the environment take place in a completely different reality by means of self-exaltation and exclusive chosenness. Meaning, this state forms a tremendous gap between the sovereign and the electorate.

I cannot but point out the example of the times of World War II, the period of the siege of Leningrad, which struck me deeply. For the population of that region, those were indeed the hardest times, not even due to the extremely inhuman war, but rather due to absolute famine and even cannibalism. This is confirmed by living eyewitnesses and the wartime chronicle of those terrible, hellish events. While the population were dying of hunger, literally falling in the streets, while people ate each other, the ruling elite in Leningrad were provided with all kinds of food, including a variety of sausages, cakes, and a special delivery of a steady supply of food and everything else. This is an impressive, striking, inhuman example.

But the worst thing is that it is far from being an isolated case both in the history of the past and in the present-day time. It vividly illustrates the true reason why certain individuals get into power in the consumer society and crave for it. After all, the whole point is hardly in their willingness to help people and make the life of society better. No. This is just an external cover concealing an inhuman, selfish desire to secure their own existence to such an extent so as to live in prosperity even during hard times, without experiencing a need for any kind of food or any other delights, even when ordinary people are eating each other out of despair. This is the true face of any authority in the conditions of the consumerist format of relationships. Meanwhile, the true reason for such a situation is hidden not in any specific person, organization or government, but in the conditions created by society itself and in that which favours creation of such an environment.

We need to realize that the only enemy of humanity, the only obstacle on the way to a better life, on the way to a wonderful society, is not an external enemy as embodied by certain people or some country, but precisely the consumerist format of relationships. All troubles that are happening in the world today are a consequence of this format of relationships in society. No change of some or other representatives of power will improve the situation in a country and in society on the whole, unless the conditions which the next delegate actually gets into are changed. Here I totally agree with Igor Mikhailovich because, indeed, in such a society, one tyrant will come to take the place of another. Even if he’s not a tyrant to start with, as it has already been said, finding himself in these pathogenic, destructive conditions of power, he will quickly begin to change for the worse. The consumerist format of relationships in society is exactly what favours the presence of power in the form of domination of a minority over the majority.

Power in a consumer society means disunity between peoples and control of the masses by a few individuals, hence the majority of the population is deprived of an opportunity to govern society. The consumerist format of relationships in society is always a political (slaveholding) order which only refines methods of controlling the masses. It’s a format where there is an owner and his slaves, where a minority dictates to the entire society, and where most of the population work to sustain the “chosen” few. As a result, disregard of human lives in a consumer society is a natural state of things, and it can be traced in all spheres of such a society. In addition, such conditions favour ideological and economic fragmentation of society, which causes a definitive regress.

It is exactly due to the domination of the consumerist format that humanity is now on the verge of collapse. For our society, the consumerist format is not just unacceptable, but is totally fatal from the perspective of survival of the entire human civilization. Before it is too late, it is time for all of us to ponder the need for social global changes.


It is absolutely obvious that humanity will not survive without unification. There is too much division, fratricide and enmity. You might say that there are numerous examples of various unions that were not crowned with success. Yes, that’s true. But the reason is hidden in the fact that such attempts were made in the conditions of a consumerist format of relationships, while any attempt to unite in a consumer society is akin to unification of wolves and sheep, which is indeed utopian. After all, power remains in the hands of those who start wars and provoke conflicts, ignoring the interests of the civilian population and disregarding the lives of millions. Uniting separate groups of people with different goals and guidelines cannot contribute to a positive outcome either. The absence of a common goal rules out the very fact of unification a priori. For a true unity of the entire humanity, we need a unifying idea that would correspond to everyone’s interests and, at the same time, would eliminate vile qualities and separating conditions of the consumerist format of relationships.

What can really unite the entire humankind? The answer to this question is hidden in identification of common goals and needs of all people. Absolutely every person desires to live in a better world, in safe and more comfortable conditions; everyone wants to be assured of tomorrow, to protect their children and provide for their existence. The only alternative which can satisfy the inner needs of every person during these difficult times, simultaneously providing a real solution for our survival, is the idea of building the Creative Society. Unification of our humanity on the idea of building the Creative Society is in the best interests of every person in the world.

People also have questions regarding how to implement equality and identical conditions for everyone in the Creative Society in practice. Due to various misunderstandings, some people perceive this as making everyone absolutely equal and eliminating any form of ownership. However, the Creative Society is, first of all, a fair society! For instance, salaries cannot be identical for all, given different working hours, different physical load or intellectual activity, and different levels of usefulness for society as a whole. People’s basic vital needs in the Creative Society must be guaranteed free of charge. Primary needs in the Creative Society are ensured for a person from the moment of birth and are guaranteed for him throughout his life, but everyone determines for themselves what their activity will be in subsequent self-fulfillment.

So, we again go back to justice in the Creative Society. In the Creative Society, nothing will be totally equal because society will value the achievements of those who in their activity not just improve, first of all, their existence, but also contribute to the development of society as a whole, thus creating an even more wonderful future for their children. Private ownership and development of one’s own business, if it does not go against the rights and liberties of other citizens, will be totally possible and supported in the Creative Society. Moreover, such conditions, which guarantee a comfortable existence for everyone, are also an advantage from the standpoint of eliminating crime and corruption. After all, having everything they need, people will simply have no desire to violate the law since the very cause is eliminated, which is the present-day despair and the need for survival. Besides, if we think about it, will anyone even need corruption at all; will anyone want to break the law, steal from society or go against other people, if it will be more beneficial to live honestly and humanely, if conditions will ensure that every person will be provided with all benefits and conveniences from birth? He can lose all of that only if he breaks the law.

Unification on the idea of building the Creative Society is a mental and intellectual unification. We actually have a society of really talented people. As soon as we unite and channel our talents in one direction, we will implement the Creative Society very quickly. That’s the whole point of unification: when we together direct our major resources, our knowledge, abilities and skills to the implementation of our goal, the process accelerates manyfold.

It is impossible to implement the Creative Society idea without a universal unification of people, just like it is impossible to create a prototype of the Creative Society in a small region or a separate country while the rest of the world remains in the previous consumerist, inhuman conditions of competition and seizure of power, with the same brutal, inhuman system of values as nowadays. For this very reason, to start with, the entire society needs to abandon the destructive consumerist format of relationships, aimed at constant division and enmity.


While building the Creative Society, people will create conditions that take into account both positive and negative qualities in a human being. That is, conditions will be created which eliminate any manifestation of vile qualities, whereas the best qualities in people will be popularized and encouraged. The Creative Society will be guided, first and foremost, by the value of every person’s life in society, with a guarantee of his safety and freedom. A more comprehensive, fundamental understanding of this is provided by the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society.

Restriction of vile animalistic manifestations in people and imposition of corresponding responsibility benefits every sensible person because it is, first of all, a guarantee of safety, peace and order in society. In the Creative Society, any person, regardless of gender and age, will be able to be anywhere at any time, and his relatives will not have to worry for his life.

Naturally, we cannot say this about our times, when animalistic manifestations in people are not restricted. Moreover, we observe active promotion of such manifestations in society by means of informational content. As a result, we ourselves reap the distressing fruits of such an environment. Yet, who benefits from this? Is this beneficial for mothers and fathers whose children are exposed to risks and dangers on a daily basis? Is this beneficial for a person who needs specialized medical services on which he spends a tremendous amount of funds and time, encountering, instead of help, someone’s desire to make a profit on human troubles? Is this really what we benefit from? No, we benefit from something different. We benefit from a society that stimulates and enhances everything humane and favourable for our evolutionary development and eliminates everything negative, beastly and inhuman. We benefit from eliminating any hazards to our safety. We benefit from the Creative Society.

Furthermore, these restrictions, along with public control, eliminate any possibility of usurping power. Power in the Creative Society will solely belong to the entire world community. However, there will be responsibility. Responsible persons appointed by society to various posts will be merely executors of people’s will and nothing more than coordinators of subsequent implementation of some or other decisions adopted by the entire society. In case of negative precedents on the part of the executors, these individuals will be immediately recalled by the electorate and held accountable to the society.

As for the possibility of exaltation and abuse of power by those in positions of authority, as we observe it in the present-day consumer society, in the Creative Society it will be out of the question. No one will be either higher or lower, and equal rights and opportunities will be guaranteed to everyone. Thus, official posts in the new conditions will be nothing more than a required job that will be aimed at implementation of adopted laws and provision of every person in society with all the necessary benefits. Those actions and decisions which can one way or another cause any deterioration in people’s existence simply won’t be adopted by the electorate. The supreme and fundamental law in the Creative Society will be people’s will, while the main guideline and the highest value of the Creative Society will be the value of human life. The last word will always belong to the joint decision by the electorate.

Already now, thanks to the availability of the World Wide Web, it is easy to implement such a management of society by creating an electoral platform. However, for timely practical necessity of creating such a platform, we first need to implement the stage of informing to ensure that the electorate is notified. The very creation of a new society with completely different favourable conditions is a stage-by-stage process necessary for a gradual smooth transition. How will this be implemented in practice?


Already now, a huge number of people in the world are aware of the great importance of building the Creative Society and, with sincere altruistic intentions, are implementing this idea to the utmost. Yet, this is certainly insufficient for global implementation. In order to ensure changes in the whole society and implement the Creative Society idea at the worldwide level, everyone’s choice and a consent of the prevailing majority of the planet’s population are necessary. Actively informing as many people as possible is what actually contributes to acceleration of this process.

In our willingness to act, it is important for us to realize that consecutive steps are needed. The stage of informing the population is extremely significant and should not be underestimated. It is impossible to skip it, and there is no point in proceeding to subsequent stages before it is implemented. Everything has to be done in the proper way, in stages and legally, meaning, be painless for society. Everything should take place in a natural and peaceful way, by means of awareness of the majority and subsequent conscious expression of the electorate’s will. Only in this case will those in positions of authority be unable not to follow people’s will, not to follow those who delegate the power to them. Everyone’s vote is essential here. How can your friends vote for the Creative Society if they don’t know about it and don’t know about those prospects and benefits which await them in the Creative Society? But when most of humanity is informed, when people are fully notified about truly the only way for all of us to survive, when the necessary prevailing majority of votes have been gathered to support building of the Creative Society, then subsequent stages will be implemented very fast.

This is really easy! We often witness how quickly rumours spread. In a consumer society, various information is actively promoted, which does not bring any global benefit to humanity and often exerts a destructive influence on people’s relationships, on relations between entire nations, on the psychological and moral condition of the masses. The information flow is outwardly diverse, but it is actually built on consumption and deceit with popularization of division and violence, which is advantageous for certain individuals and contributes to mental degradation of the population and their lack of will. As a result, today people have forgotten what it means to take responsibility and make independent decisions. For us to wake up from inactivity, do we really need to wait until an external stressful factor: that very global war, economy collapse or any other consequence of the dominant consumerist format of relationships? Or will we actually wake up ourselves and awaken the rest of humanity by means of informing?

As a matter of fact, this isn’t difficult at all! We can create different content, useful for humanity, and generate a new, creative informational wave. We are able to ensure that the whole world finds out about the alternative of the current inhuman survival, about the opportunity of a better life, about the Creative Society! In the present-day world, there is an abundance of ways to convey information to others. This is what everyone can do. Someone can notify, talk, and explain; another one can create relevant information resources and so on. We can change the situation fast if we just stop shifting responsibility to someone else.

The example of the LGBT community, described in the video, regarding successful integration of this social minority into society, indicates how a small group of people carried out a very skillful informational policy of actions within a short period of time. As a result, this group has legalized their rights in many countries across the world, including adoption of punishment for any word, action or incident that can one way or another discriminate against representatives of this minority. Although at the beginning of their activity, successful implementation of their rights seemed impossible to the world public. Moreover, as of today, almost no movie is released without popularization of this trend. And there are many such examples.

Examples of this kind relate to the interests of just a small number of people. This propaganda is neither bad nor good; this is everyone’s right and choice. But if we look at it globally, it does not bring any benefit to humanity as a whole. The only idea which is globally necessary today and relates to everyone is a change of the dominant format of relationships from consumerist to creative. Building the Creative Society is the only way for all of us to survive! This concerns the interests of every person and the entire humankind. Yet, in spite of this fact, despite the factor of survival of the whole civilization, and despite the continued existence of ourselves and our children being questionable, there are still people who are too shy to talk about the Creative Society. In fact, while making a choice on dissemination of this or that information, an exclusive preference should be given to dissemination of the Creative Society idea. It is vitally important for every person and for the entire humanity to find out about it. Any shyness while informing people about the Creative Society is tantamount to being shy when saving one’s child from death!

As of today, our goal is to preserve and to restore our common home, thus giving our children an opportunity to exist in safety and prosperity. It is extremely important to realize that everyone’s participation influences the overall result. Consequently, without my participation, without your participation, and without the participation of any other person, the overall result and advancement will be much weaker.



Control Mechanism: the Electoral Platform 

When more than 50% of the active electorate, who support building the Creative Society, gather in one or another country, a transition to the next stage takes place. At the second stage, in order to implement people’s will through the electoral demand, an electoral control platform is created. What is the advantage of the electoral platform? It’s an opportunity for each person to take part in managing society and to adopt laws along with everyone, meaning, to contribute to continuous improvement of his life and the life of his loved ones. This is again in our best interest! This platform is truly epoch-making, unprecedented and unique because, for the first time in the last 6,000 years, it provides people with a never before seen, real exclusive prerogative of making decisions. Thus, people’s will shall be the supreme law in practice! 

Later on, the entire society jointly appoints executors responsible for carrying out people’s will. Absolutely every law or decree, all petitions and proposals will be sent out to the population. This way, the electorate will see every step that those responsible for coordination of public affairs make. If necessary, at any moment, the society will be able to recall their votes, cancel any law and even replace candidates who betray people’s trust. 

Everything negative, in one way or another posing a risk to the life of any person or worsening his existence; everything inhuman that is allowed in a consumer society, will not be tolerated in the Creative Society. Every person will be responsible for other people’s lives and for the life of the whole society. Hence, we will no longer be able to blame anyone for our troubles or to shift responsibility. Moreover, we will no longer have troubles as such; we will only have a happy life in safety and stability, with an opportunity of self-fulfillment!

The Need for Absolute Transparency of Information in Order to Eradicate Corruption

There are people who don’t have an opportunity to use the Internet nowadays. But in actual fact, it is not that costly for society to provide everyone with access to the Internet and with relevant gadgets, instead of letting someone take management in his hands and thus usurp power. Furthermore, the guaranteed absolute transparency of information in the Creative Society will eliminate the possibility of any shady schemes, deceit or corruption, and will remove from government positions chair warmers who do no real work, yet make themselves appear to be hard workers while blithely existing at society’s expense, at the same time bringing no benefit to people, but only harm and losses.

The bureaucratic system of administration is a negative example of today. The very system of bureaucracy has been established above society. Naturally, in the environment of exaltation of one person over others, no apparatus can satisfy the needs of ordinary people. Yet, how is the significance of the performed work presented to the community? In this system of administration, there are a great number of high-paid government positions in various countries. But where is the promised benefit for society from the work of so many bureaucratic authorities? Most of the capital flows exactly to this apparatus with its inherent hierarchical structure. Have we ever wondered where and for what purpose the taxes we pay are allocated? And this is happening at the time when most of the planet’s population have a hard time making ends meet, exist beyond the cost of living and barely survive. The aforesaid problems are not a bitter heritage of a specific country, but indicate a deplorable state of the entire world community. It’s just that, depending on conditions in one or another country, region or continent, these problems are manifested in different forms. There are numerous examples to confirm this.

Nowadays, there is a large category of people all over the world who live below the poverty line, suffering from a lack of water and food. There are organizations in the world which are officially intended to remediate such problems. Certain public activity is carried out in this field; charitable events and performances are arranged, or simply donations are given with subsequent active coverage in mass media. Also, reports on the problems and steps to cope with various issues are released, but with detailed explanation of why a particular problem is still unsolvable and what “great obstacles” stand in the way of relevant organizations. However, such a necessary task as eradication of poverty or famine does not eventually approach its logical successful completion, and this activity does not make life easier for hungry people. After all, it’s impossible to provide enough food to those who are hungry and support those who are in need as long as there exist conditions which enable corruption and misappropriation of public funds. Widespread corruption and theft are exactly the main obstacle on the way to eradication of poverty and improvement of the welfare of every person in the world.

Here it is necessary to understand that the problem is not only with the top officials of the administrative system. Human factors along with the presence of base animal instincts and a desire for self-enrichment are inherent everywhere, in every structure and in every human. Until corruption and theft of public funds are removed, it will be impossible to help any region, any country or any institution. Only by abolishing the hierarchical ladder, eliminating corruption and removing idlers, society can release tremendous funds that may be directed to real needs of people, ensuring comfortable and problem-free life for everyone.

A similar situation is observed in healthcare. How much funds are allocated to healthcare annually in various countries of the world? Are these funds really used according to the intended purpose? In such a case, where is the result of this investment? Why do we observe a deplorable state of healthcare? How come ordinary people cannot afford treatment for serious diseases, and why do they have to collect money from all their family members and sell their last property to receive necessary medical services? Why do those individuals, who have the power to change the situation and to really provide help, simply play with people’s lives when it comes to survival of the population because the matters of politics are more important for them than millions of human lives? Unfortunately, human life has no value in a consumerist format of relationships. In such conditions, only self-enrichment from people’s troubles prevails for the most part. We really have a vital need for the Creative Society where the life of every person will be valued more than anything else, where equal rights, guaranteed benefits and tremendous opportunities for self-fulfilment will be available to absolutely everyone!


In the video Creative Society Unites Everyone, Igor Mikahilovich briefly mentioned the six levels of global development of civilization. Creative Society is merely the first stage. That is, building the Creative Society is just a beginning of the global development of a human civilization. This information impresses and brings one down to earth. Let’s just ponder the fact that we as humanity, with our present-day consumerist format, regard ourselves as an advanced civilization with technical and scientific progress. Meanwhile, disunity, division, conflicts and wars, lack of high-quality healthcare for everyone, poverty and hunger remain a norm for us. In reality, as a society, so far we haven’t even approached the initial stage of a true civilization. But at the same time, we are capable of changing everything.

Humanity has already received detailed information on how to implement real positive changes, which direction to move in, and what to do. We should just take little actions: everyone who has understood should inform the rest of society, should notify, tell them and unite. The very unification on the common goal of building the Creative Society will generate that necessary evolutionary impetus which opens up an opportunity for us to have a free, peaceful and wonderful life without wars and suffering. In the world, there are already a lot of professionals in their fields, various experts and simply clever, educated people who know how to improve one or another sphere of human existence. These people are all of us! The only thing we need to do is to unite. And the knowledge and tools given by Igor Mikhailovich Danilov will facilitate our development and smooth transition to a better society; they will help us to avoid mistakes of the past and to revive one united human community of true people. Once there is unity and solidarity of the entire humankind, we will be able to do this easily!

As soon as we build the Creative Society through unity, an era of a new evolutionary leap will come, and a new unexplored world of knowledge and true science, the world of free energy, will open up to us. For this, merely our human unification, active participation and joint aspiration of our civilization for the new society is needed. So let us be worthy of such a society, and by our sincere actions inherent in a true Human, we will all together implement our common dream — to live in peace, love and joy! Let us create a better future for ourselves and for the future generations!

John Asher

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