Creative Society Is Our Choice | Song

The song “Creative Society Is Our Choice” has been inspired by the idea of the unity of all people in the world around the universal value of Human Life. It’s an invitation for everyone to watch the International online forum “Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live”, to join the movement of the Creative Society and to make a personal input into building prospering, humane, constructive and creative society in our world for ourselves and future generations, to make life worth living, not just existing as in today’s consumerist self-destructive society, based on greed and selfishness. Today only the unity of all people can save our world. And this is a call for unity for all.


We’re all people we deserve to live in peace
And only together we may achieve this
The world where we’re free to do what
we love
The world in which we fly like turtledoves

All around the world, we hear people’s voice
Creative Society our choice
We wanna live in a world with the main law
To act and behave on the basis of Love

So if you want
To build a world
Where people live
All happily

Just take my hand
I show you how
Just let’s unite
And spread the light
Of Love, Of Love, Of Love, Of Love…

Be who you are – you’re the human with heart
To change the whole world, you just need to feel great Love
And stop being silent just share what you think
Creative Society – your chance to get the wings

And fly above
Like turtledove
And see the world
Where love the only law

Friends, let’s unite
And leave behind
All grudges and pain
And feel the rain of Love


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