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Creative Society: the Prospect of Civilization

Creative Society as a prospect of building and developing one united human civilization. Exit beyond the boundaries of Earth; space exploration. Life of a new level, management of the microworld: a simple solution to numerous material problems of a human. Futurological forecast.

Modern humanity is at a historic turning point. How to make a leap from the abyss of a consumerist, beastly format into a totally new format of human relationships? How to quickly build one united human civilization in the conditions of global climate change? What kind of conditions should be created for that? What is a common egregore of civilization? Free energy. Instantaneous movement in space.

Reasons why the civilization of Atlantis failed to go beyond the boundaries of the planet and was destroyed. What globally hampers civilization in its development? Fight for energy. Vajra — a perfect weapon of gods: myths and reality.

Is outer space inhabited? What is a human race, and how does it differ from other living beings? What do the six levels of civilization development imply? The Anunnaki and the Apexians: what is the difference? What is the most valuable resource on Earth? What is “free mind”, and why are its possessors dangerous for humanity? Where is consciousness located? Personality’s control. Is human civilization able to go beyond the sphere and come into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations?

These and many other topics are discussed in the video Creative Society: the Prospect of Civilization with the participation of Igor Mikhsilovich Danilov.


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