Creative Wave

A messenger is capable of communicating the Truth to many people. And even one person with good intentions, living in a small city, can start a chain of good deeds. Kindness and love are things that you want to share with everyone. This is what fills us with joy and meaning in life. And when you understand this for yourself, see this essence on the pages of the book, then you want to share this book with every person on this earth, so that they also come into contact with the wisdom that the book is filled with.

Allatra book (free download)

Creative society is a new format of human relationships that every person in this world strives for. This is the complete opposite of the consumer relations formed over the past 6 thousand years. It’s time for change, it’s time for Allatra, that is, the time of love in its true sense. 

To learn more about the 8 foundations of the Creative society, visit the official website of the Creative society project:…

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