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CUBA. Creative essence of the Cuban Soul | Documentary. Episode 1

A fascinating film about Cuba and its people. Based on the personal experience and definitions of outstanding representatives of Cuban culture. Exclusive interviews about life and inner human values.The unifying role of Cuban culture, the Cuban soul… A film about choice and responsibility, respect and love. And what the Creative Society is.

  • The first documentary film in the series of documentary films “Creative essence of the Cuban Soul”.
  • We thank for contributing and participating in the making of the documentary film:
  • To the Cuban Embassy in Ukraine and personally to Natacha Díaz Aguilera,
  • Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova
  • To the Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba, Fusion Dance and Music Company and personally to Lizt Alfonso, founder and general director of Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba
  • To the Cuban group Buena Fe and personally to Israel Rojas, the leading voice of the Buena Fe band
  • To the company La Colmenita and personally to Carlos Alberto Cremata (Tin), general and artistic director of the theatre group La Colmena and the children’s theatre company La Colmenita
  • To Reinaldo Enrique Leyva Powell, Founder of Salsa Club Kiev and the head of the Cuban community in Ukraine
  • To Betina Díaz Cruz, Designer
  • To Ahmed Dickinson Cárdenas, ambassador of Cuban music and musicians, founder of Cubafilin Record
  • To Miguel Ángel Héctor Vega, Cuban singer and showman
  • And also to Cuban restaurant and Escondido bar Escobar and Cuba Camp Kiev for providing us with the facilities to make the interviews.
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