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Cure for Servility

Every normal human being wants to live in the Creative Society. It provides tremendous opportunities and a completely different way of life. The Creative Society means true freedom for each and every one, that freedom which people have been fighting for millennia, trying to find it. This means health and longevity. This is a different, beautiful world, where there is no evil and no violence.

Whether we will have the Creative Society or not — it all depends on the courage of a person himself, first and foremost. Certainly, if a person is a coward, if he has been turned into such a slave that he is afraid even of his own shadow, it is hard for him to step over that. He is in an incessant fight for survival and dominance, and simply to appear to be someone he is not in reality. But it’s enough to take one step and see that the world is much broader and people are much better than his consciousness used to tell him.

Thus, after getting rid of stereotypical anchors in their own consciousness, people already gain freedom. Yes, right here, in the consumerist format, and right now, a lot of people around the world are gaining that inner freedom which gives all of us hope for the future, for tomorrow…

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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