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What are the cycles of development of a human civilization during the 12-thousand-year period? What can the human world be like in the near future, taking into account the increasing climatic changes? Why does everything now depend on people’s choice? History develops in a spiral: from unification to disunity and vice versa. The consumerist format is a format of disunity. In the consumerist format, the dominant idea in any country is to become the richest, the most technologically advanced, independent and leading among others. However, this idea in its essence carries a lot of internal divisions. This is not a cohesive societal egregore, but a fractured egregore, and it is doomed to exist for a short period of time.

The Creative Society is an egregore of people’s unity and establishment of one civilization for many millennia. What does the Creative Society give? A common goal. This common goal, which unites all people, is the improvement of the quality of life and the development of the entire society. This gives new opportunities to everyone. This is really something that is aimed at human life. After all, the highest value will be human life and hence the quality of human existence.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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