Defense mechanisms of consciousness. Psychology. Discovering the Truth

For many years, psychology as a science has been developing in a completely opposite direction than it is declared in its postulates. Instead of helping a person to explore his true nature and solve the issues of self-knowledge, it conducts an ineffective activity, which is sometimes even destructive for people.

One of such paradoxes is actually the defense mechanisms of “personality”. The concepts of consciousness and personality are substituted, and are those really mechanisms of defense or attack? The essence of defense mechanisms is the prevalence of unconscious processes of consciousness over conscious actions of personality.

What does consciousness actually defend itself from?
Why do people most often encounter negation, rationalization and projection in communication?
What has all people’s irresponsibility led to?

The Creative Society project as a vivid example for analysing the defense mechanisms of the psyche.

The conference “Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of” is an example of a successfully implemented goal and a solidary work of the entire humanity!

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