Demons Beyond Human Perception | David Icke

“What has driven me over the years is something that Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying, which is to know is to know that you know nothing that is true knowledge.” shared English writer, speaker, former football player and sports broadcaster David Icke.

Mr. Icke is well-known in the conspiracy theory community. He has written 23 books and has an audience of over 100 million subscribers. We are pleased to present an interview with him that may shed some light on the dark spots of our history.

From this episode, you will learn:
🔎 What prompted David to start researching conspiracy theories?
🔎 What has been discovered about the history of human sacrifices and cannibalism?
🔎 Why are sacrifices still carried out in modern society, and what motivates those who participate in it?
🔎 How did the Chitauri aliens take over our planet and enslave humans 25,000 years ago?
🔎 Initially, people believed that God was a mother, a woman — the Great Mother Goddess, and with the arrival of the Chitauri, she disappeared from the sky at all. There was a substitution, and a man became god residing in the sky. It was in this form that magic and the institution of priesthood emerged. How do priests manage to maintain power over people for so long?

The interview was shot as part of the International Research Project “Kaleidoscope of Facts” for the episode “Alien Legacy. The Deal,” which will air on November 13, 2023.


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