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Disaster in China! Fire and sandstorm. Floods in Indonesia, Spain and Saudi Arabia

In this episode:

  • Heavy rainfall occurred causing flash flooding in Afghanistan, Castellón (Spain), Bandung (West Java Province).
  • A major landslide occurred in Botong Village (South Sulawesi Province) and in Tanah Datar County (West Sumatra).
  • In some parts of Saudi Arabia, high winds, heavy rains, and hail triggered flooding.
  • Ex-tropical cyclone hit the coast of southern Brazil.
  • The tropical cyclone Harold developed near the Solomon Islands.
  • A snow storm with icy rain and strong winds struck central Canada.
  • Temperatures plummeted in south-eastern Australia.
  • Disastrous fire swept through the southwest of China in the area of Xichang.
  • A huge sandstorm covered the Chinese city of Baicheng

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