Disclosure: Voice in my Head

Not so long ago, I faced the Animal Mind manifestation in myself and it just stunned me.

I will explain a little bit for those who haven’t read the book “AllatRa” yet. There are two natures in the person: the Animal nature and the Spiritual one. Being guided by the Spiritual nature in one’s thoughts, intentions and actions, a person implements the global Spiritual God’s Will . This is the natural way of one’s Personality development by realizing their intention to merge with the Soul and create a new Spiritual being. This is essentially the main goal of the person’s existence.

Being guided by the Animal nature, a person implements the Will of the Animal Mind, that is the negative Will, that eternally opposes everything good, kind and positive in the human. As a result, the Personality goes away from the main goal in their life and doesn’t develop themselves in the spiritual sense. Certainly, the Animal Mind is nothing less than a purposefully created system, which main goal is to give a chance to the Personality to gain experience by overcoming different challenges, lessons and finally, to fulfil their initial designation.

That’s exactly why a human who has realised himself as the Personality striving for his Soul, first of all, tries to control his Animal nature in order not to let the negative Will of the Animal mind manifest in himself. Available tools in this process are: thoughts monitoring, attentive attitude to obvious and hidden intentions and patterns. As a result of such analysis and tracing the thoughts of the Animal nature, a person doesn’t let them progress and minimizes them in the future.

My first meeting with the voice in my head

Recently I was actively involved in tracing the thoughts from the Animal nature, identified patterns by which it caught my attention, analysed different conditions I stayed in. I carefully observed the origin of thoughts in my head… Once in the morning I happened to experience an unknown before manifestation of the Animal nature that made me see regular processes in every person’s consciousness from another perspective .

When I woke up in the morning I appraised my condition. I can say it was usual: the plenty of thoughts in the head were making a noise like in a beehive. In order to get rid of that noise, I performed meditation complex, described in the books by Anastasia Novykh. Usually it helps me to tune in a spiritual state, feel my Soul and switch over to feelings.

That morning I noticed that after meditation complex I still felt the oppressive influence of depressive thoughts. Their general motive was: everything was bad and nothing worked out. All that thoughts were obviously self-disparaged but at the same time, there was something unusual in it. Having paid my attention to them I understood or rather heard something unexpected.

There was a voice talking in my head. It was not just insulting me, it was cussing me out to the fullest! For the first seconds, I didn’t realise quite well what was going on. As I have already faced different manifestations of the Animal nature for many times I know quite well its possibility to use various methods in order to distract me from the main, disturb my spiritual state. When I realized that I tried to abstract myself from thoughts, but here I got a question to myself: “Why does this voice sound completely not like the voice I usually hear in my head when I think? Why do I feel so obviously it to be foreign to me?” It was totally another and unknown voice: angry, nasty and cheeky… And here, as they say, it dawned upon me. I understood: the Animal nature in my head does speak to me. It does not only make me think but SPEAKS! Even tries to make me accept its position or imposes me the state it needs. Here, as in the movie “Revolver”, I was shaken..

There is a scene when the main character says to the voice in his head: “I hear you!”. It was the same in my situation.

Despite the fact that I saw this movie lots of times, quoted phrases out of it, but still didn’t understand one simple thing: my Animal nature spoke with me. So, yes, it did, exactly spoke moreover it used different voices. It seems that Animal nature proposes thoughts but, in fact, it speaks to us choosing various voices. A deeper understanding has grown up in me here, at once I have reminded the quote from the book “AllatRa”.

At this time the Animal nature substitutes with itself this live communication. The Personality, observing its thoughts, can clearly trace this process in itself if it wishes. This process begins when the person, being distracted by thoughts from the Animal nature, or, as they said in the ancient times, “by the ashes”, loses the Dialogue with the One Who is Eternal, the One Who is most dear and near to him. At this moment, the person starts feeling inner loneliness. As a consequence of this, he starts making a substitution, looking for external communication with those who, like he himself, is temporal here and consists of dust. Or, having entirely succumbed to the thoughts of his Animal nature, he begins to talk “with himself.” But this communication is completely different from the spiritual Dialogue with God. The feelings of sincerity and spiritual beauty disappear in him, while the feelings of resentment, pride, jealousy, and self-interest appear.

In the books by Anastasia Novykh, there is an instant reminding that a true communication, communication with God means the language of the deepest feelings and is nonverbal – it differs from the way we are used to contact in our everyday life.

Rigden: The deepest feelings are exactly the special language that is different from the human

Maybe I like lots of other people was fooled with such routine phrases as “listen to your inner voice”, words from different spiritual books that say “The Prophets hear the voice of God” or something like this. Earlier I took it literally and didn’t understand that the dialogue with God means the deepest feelings not a verbal form. Concerning the phrase that “The Prophets hear the voice of God” there is a right proof in the “Sensei of Shambala. Book I” by Anastasia Novykh that the Dialogue with God takes place by means of the deepest feelings.

So when archangel Gabriel felt that Mohammed was prepared enough, he said to him, ‘Now you should go to the world and bring this knowledge to other people.’ Mohammed answered, ’How can I explain to people in words that which I learnt from you by spirit?’ ’Go and tell them that there is one God and He lights everything up like the Sun with His Divine Love. I am like the Moon in the night of human life, I am reflecting the light of God and light the way in the darkness of consciousness. And you are a guiding star showing the way to the divine light.’

The words “learnt by spirit” exactly tell about experience through the deepest feelings and intuitive knowledge, that is difficult to express by words. So that all true prophets communicated with the Spiritual World by means of the deepest feelings language. It took me many years to understand that the voice in my head is definitely the voice of those who oppose God in me.

When I noticed that voice I had a feeling as if I caught a burglar red-handed. It disappeared right away as if it had never existed. At that moment inner happiness captivated me, the thoughts disappeared and didn’t bother my consciousness. During first minutes I couldn’t even believe that such condition was possible: a total absence of thoughts and huge joy, it was just as simple. I felt that my brain started working totally in another mode, like obedient mechanism that was easy to switch on or switch off unlike its usual manner when it just buzzed overflowing with thoughts. The most valuable thing that occurred was the sensation as if a load had been taken off my Soul and Its light passed straight in my essence without hindrance or distortion. Everything inside of me rejoiced and I came to an understanding that everything was very simple! As it is written in the book “Sensei of Shambala. Book I” by Anastasia Novykh :

Everything great is ridiculously easy but it takes a great effort.

The same happened in this case, I had been studying my Animal nature’s behaviour for years, exposing patterns that it used in order to manipulate me as the Personality and influencing to make a choice in favour of matter. It was such a great fortune to get that a valuable understanding. Thanks to my Soul activation I started to analyse that voice as it was the best time to do that, to see a whole picture from the outside. And I could notice that my problem was not in the fact that I heard the voice but that I accepted most of its instructions as a guide for action. As a result, I follow the Will of my Animal nature and serve the Animal mind, Devil on a global scale.

Characteristics of the voice in the head.

It always speaks, sometimes whispers, comments arising pictures and images but never communicates by means of the deepest feelings.

Its communication area means words and emotions. It never uses the deepest feelings language because this is the language of the Soul and it is already out of its sphere, it is a sphere of the Spiritual world while the voice in the head belongs to this material world. This understanding gave me a possibility to identify clearly the moment of dialogue with the Spiritual world or dialogue with one’s consciousness. Before I mistakenly thought that the voice in my head was my inner voice. Let me repeat it once again, we all have heard somehow the phrase “Listen to your inner voice”. That is what I used to do before. Mind you, nobody says: “Feel, feel the decision”. I realize that such phrases are not popular in our vocabulary, they are very rare to hear and I guess I know why. By the first phrase we are distinctly sent to the wrong direction: Do we really hear the voice? Yes. So here it is our inner voice. We can see a very serious substitution as I have finally understood. I want to tell you honestly that this voice has brought me so many troubles and disappointments that I can’t call it a help.. Rather quite opposite it is like a saboteur disguised as a soldier as though he is serving you but at the very wrong time explodes the bridge leading to the Soul.

I shared this understanding with my friends with whom we wend the way of the spiritual self-improvement and all of them confirmed such saboteur presence in their heads. They also had an insight. We were showered with understandings like from the horn of plenty. Lots of us noticed that the voice in the head was very scheming and crafty. We identified the “substitution” that I can describe like this.Sometimes this voice tells “the truth” in order to make the Personality trust him and after this suggests: “Here you see, I suggested and it happened the way I told you, now you see how good I am, trust me and value me. ” Usually, it does like this when it wants in the future to attract the attention of the Personality and divert from something very important and meaningful, especially in a spiritual sense. It is like a slick tradesman who knows true values, but, in fact, fools the Personality proposing trifles for the CHANCE to become eternal that costs disproportionately more. I guess that if you analyse your life experience you will be able to discover there many occasions when the voice in your head “tripped you up” this way. Actually, on this the second point of the characteristic is based.

It lies very often

That is its essence. Its main task is to destabilise the Personality, to plant lots of doubts and so on. Even in the simple issues like should I do this or not. As they say, a small task turns into a huge unmanageable problem clad in the armour of doubts,which is sometimes carried by the consciousness to an absurdity. It is succeeded best in deceiving in the spiritual issues. It usually says that everything spiritual is trifles and so on. Mind you, it often happens that people dissuade you from doing really important work . If you are going to make some trifling matter,which will cause a bad effect in the future then the voice in the head will be keeping silence or will incite you telling “just do it, everything will be all right. I have already personally experienced that many times. In order to understand myself better, I started to note down what the voice in my head was advising, I wrote down thoughts that came to me.

I started to keep a diary and in order to make the experiment objective I wrote down thoughts as they were without changing even if they were in the form of orders to action (yes, definitely orders, the voice in the head often commands). When I followed such instructions in the past, as you could already understand, the results of such decisions were not good. All results I noted down in my diary. There appeared another moment. In this process I started to notice more clearly the manifestation of my intuition, the sixth sense, my Soul voice, call it as you wish.

The difference between the Animal nature voice and the deepest feelings or intuition is huge. The voice in the head always explains everything logically to the smallest detail, even if you are going to communicate with people he makes a decision about who and what will say and what will be as a result of it, it looks like situation programming. If a person listens to his or her intuition then he or she feels it in such a way: “ Go this way and everything will be good for you”. The most interesting thing is that it happens even when logic says the opposite (mind you, it says). So, in fact, there are no mistakes, situations programming, it gives the ready result and all the related moments “themselves” are changed according to that result.

Rigden: Although, of course, if we speak about the best tool in reference to knowing the invisible world, then it is definitely the human being himself, who is endowed with the ability to penetrate other worlds and dimensions…

Anastasia: In other words, a person can pose a problem and receive a ready answer or a result without realising all the particularities and subtleties of the phenomena that accompany this process and its mechanisms. That is, speaking the language of scientists, he can get a
practical result bypassing theoretical calculations. Although for scientists themselves, many of whom consider themselves to be materialist, it will obviously sound like nonsense.

From the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh

It is clear that the difference between the voice in the head and the deepest feelings is huge. The Soul knows everything, where was the beginning and where will be the end, the voice tries to estimate everything logically and create a situation in which the Personality will suffer great losses in the spiritual sense.

This knowledge comes not from the mind but from the deepest feelings of the Soul. After all, man believes with the mind but Knows with the Soul..

From the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh

It hates everything spiritual

I noticed another characteristic of the voice. It happens that when entering churches, temples I hear abuse directed at God or some icons in my head. Before, not recognising this voice in my head I, of course, understood that it was the Animal nature influence on me but didn’t know why did it happen that way. Being a Personality I realize that such thoughts are totally foreign to me. Then who manifests itself through me? Who is talking? The Animal nature hates everything spiritual because unlike the Personality it knows and understands that there is Eternity and that the Soul is a part of this Eternity. The Animal nature envies and hates to death the Personality because the Personality has a possibility to merge with the Soul and go to Eternity, become a part of Eternity. However, the Animal nature will turn into dust in any case, it’s a law, that is why it attacks the Personality so furiously, distracting it from the Soul in order not to allow this merging occur and, by that, to extend its existence.

That is why the consciousness does its best to prolong its existence. Even under the rubble of building, even in the state of a subpersonality, this is life for it. But it is death for the Personality.

From the programme “Illusion and the Way. The Truth is one for everyone. Release 2

Communicating with people who have already achieved some spiritual goals I notice how the Animal nature insults them. It defames everything that is holy. It tries to show a picture that there are just enemies around you and so on. I would say it programmes to fight. Reminding my behaviour in the past now I understand how easy I was involved in arguing with the first word said to me. The funniest thing in this was that quite often another person didn’t mention anything connected with the way I understood his words and, in fact, the quarrel was over nothing. Who warmed up my consciousness to the extent that made me be engaged in arguing without analysing the situation?

It attracts and loops your attention

I also noticed such an effect: if I spoke with someone and didn’t control my Animal nature, then after the conversation I kept arguing with this person in my head, trying to prove one’s right and searching for new arguments. Knowing about the voice in my head, I asked myself a question: “With whom am I arguing in my head?”. The consciousness offers just an image, I emphasise that it was just an image of the person with whom I was arguing. But where was the person oneself in that moment and who is hiding behind that image in my head? The answer is very simple – it is a consciousness that puts on a mask of different images. I should add that images are not obviously negative, it may be images of people you love and respect but again they are just in your head. At this moment I am communicating exactly with the consciousness and what is the most terrible – I give him my time this way and what is much more important – I give my attention, by means of which it lives. I have understood for myself that if I want to say anything to anyone – I should do it in a real life instead of watching the movie in my head. I would like to give an example from my life.

Once I received a call from my friends’ father whom I had presented the book “AllatRa”. He liked the information very much, but here an interesting moment occurred. We were discussing the book and he told me: “You live like a Pharisee. You live not the way described in the book”. I was stung and answered him: “Let’s not get personal”. We said goodbye to each other being not quite happy with the way we communicated. I got off the phone and started arguing with him in my head proving my right and the fact that he didn’t know anything to make such conclusions about me. At the next moment, I stopped that dialogue and said: “Stop! With whom am I arguing right now? The person has already put the phone down but I still keep speaking with him”.

But then, I calmed down and analysed everything from a position of the spiritual Observer. I felt uneasy about something, I didn’t like my state and I wanted to get rid of it. There I felt something helpful in that case. I decided to call that man and tell him everything like it was: about the voice in the head, about being insulted by his words so then they had the truth. After this, the voice in my head got on his hind legs and started telling me: “Do anything you want, just don’t call him!”. It started proving that that man wouldn’t understand me, especially concerning the voice and that I could tell about it only those people who were in the picture, while others would not understand my words. That was the last argument for me to make a call. So I did.

The result was excellent. I told him everything the way I understood it. Our conversation was totally different from the previous one, it was hearty. I can say we were on the same wavelength, the man not only understood my explanation about the voice in the head, but even told me that also heard it, but couldn’t identify it properly, like I had done. As they say, our talk was held in a friendly atmosphere, we warmly said goodbye to each other and that oppressive feeling disappeared like I have never felt it. The voice in my head kept silence. After that case, I told about the voice in the head lots of people who read the books by Anastasia Novykh and all they proved that also heard it.

I guess that the most impressive moment happened when I told about it my nephew who was eight and half years old. Actually, I was speaking to my mother and elder sister and he was just a witness to that conversation. I mistakenly thought that children of his age couldn’t understand everything. Again, who in me was thinking that? When I ended my story, he came to me, his eyes were surprisingly bright and his speech became well-rounded, not childlike. What it was a surprise for me when he started honestly expose the voice in his head, his Animal nature, neither his mother and grandmother nor I have ever known him to be so frank with us. One fact from his speech made me interested. With regret, he told us that before he became seven years old he even didn’t know how to lie! But then at some moment he learnt and at the same time a voice appeared in his head. As it is written in the book “AllatRa”, at the age of 5-7 years there is a primary splash, the beginning of the new Personality formation. That is the moment when in the situation of prevalent values in the modern society, the Animal nature takes the Personality under control, settling or activating “the voice” in the head. At once I remembered the same moment from my childhood. I recalled that being a child I also didn’t know how to lie but at some moment I felt inner changes and I started telling lies. It also happened at the age of 5-7 years.

I have already mentioned that a new Personality in a new body is more or less formed by the age of 5-7 years, and this is when the primary surge takes place in it. Then, by puberty – at the age of 11-14 years old (this is individual for each person) a second, stronger energy surge occurs. These surges are, basically, manifestations of the power of the Soul, which are initially directed at helping the Personality find ways of spiritual liberation. But power is power, and it is important through which prism of thinking it passes and where it is later redirected. This is why in these years for the new Personality, its environment is important as well as, first of all, the worldview, words, and actions of the people with whom it is in contact on a daily basis and from whom it absorbs everything like a sponge – both the bad and the good, recording this information on its blank slate of consciousness. These primary layings are imprinted on the further life of the Personality and indirectly influence its life choice: the spiritual or material one, which will be dominant in it and, consequently, will determine its destiny after death.

From the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh

Obviously, I had a question if there were in the humanity’s history any mentions of this voice? I was given a good idea on this issue. Lots of people at different times devoted themselves to the spiritual development, that is why it is worth searching the information about that voice in the holy books of the humanity. What do different beliefs, world religions say about it? Maybe, there are descriptions of this voice in the monk’s ascetic experience? Or, maybe, there is any information on the concept that we call “the Animal nature voice”? Let’s explore this issue together and share information with each other in the comments below.

By Andrey Mikhalchuk

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