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What is a dispute, what is its cause and consequence? What awakens inside at that? Why do emotions boil up between disputants? Why is it very difficult to withdraw from a dispute? Why during a dispute does a desire arise to defend a completely opposite point of view? How to overcome a dispute in one’s head? What is the difference between a dispute and a dialogue? What is a dialogue between people, and how to come to mutual understanding?

What can you do if you start feeling miserable, sad and lonely? Why does resentment or anger arise towards another person in everyday life, and how to overcome these obstacles on the spiritual path? What is fanaticism, what are the reasons for its emergence in a person, and what does it lead to? Why do evil and hatred predominate in fanatics, and why is there no love in them? Human choice: destruction or creation?

Thanking God “for oneself and for one’s neighbours”, requests like “Lord, give me health,” and so on. Subtleties of substitutions. Why and how does the inclusion of magic elements occur in “appeals to God”? Why is it important for you yourself to learn spiritual love (to love God, to love people) instead of waiting for people and God to love you? Why is it inappropriate to ask God for anything except spiritual salvation? Why does God see only Love? What does it mean to feel the Spiritual World? What is true Life and true Love? Why doesn’t God see the one who is in the “shadows”? What religion does the Truth belong to? What religion does the soul belong to? What religion does God belong to?

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