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DO ALL RELIGIONS SERVE SATAN? Revelation of an Occultist. Prediction | Shadow Control

About the formation of religions and hidden meanings embedded in rituals. The conversation with the mysterious guest continues.

For viewers to get a complete impression, we recommend watching the entire video from the beginning to the end. But for your convenience, the timing is given below:

00:00 Disclaimer
1:45 Intro
4:40 Why the occultist chose to serve satan
7:20 About the Bible
9:38 Historical examples of the formation of religion
21:10 Nikon’s Church Reform
25:10 Who are white monks
27:05 Who were Peter and Paul
37:09 Churches built on bones
42:23 About black priests
45:22 Crucifixion of Christ
51:55 Communion of the body and blood of Christ
55:30 About prayers to saints
57:25 Matrona of Moscow
59:20 Mother Teresa
1:02:30 Why sorcerers can use prayers
1:04:50 The miracle of turning water into wine
1:09:05 About funeral rites
1:10:34 Baptism and the sign of the cross
1:15:55 Mystery of the staff with snakes
1:17:57 Why do people feel bad after visiting churches
1:20:58 Do churches protect you from satan?
1:25:36 Incident with the Dalai Lama
1:27:13 Why do people address the occultist
1:31:03 Role of digital images in magic
1:33:35 Why a mage doesn’t pay for performing the orders
1:36:19 A god with a beard on a throne: who is it?
1:40:30 End Times and Muslims

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