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Do you love Allah? Are you faithful to the Prophet?

A conversation about the Truth. The Prophet Muhammad, the best of men, was the last person with whom Jibril communicated. He was focused on the inner, not the outer. For the way to Allah is through your Soul.

Why don’t you act as the Prophet used to act? Where do your footprints lead in the Kaaba? Which direction did the Prophet Muhammad’s footprints lead? What difference does it make? No difference, if you do not love Allah and are not faithful to the Prophet.

The Prophet bequeathed to build the Creative Society so that there would be Islam all over the world. But why are we now standing on the edge of a precipice in all spheres of society, and why can the climate destroy all of humanity in the next 15 years?

Muslims, are you faithful to the Prophet? What place does he have in your life? Are you willing not to die but to live for Allah and the Prophet? Christians, who among you is faithful to Jesus Christ? He said that the way to God is through Love. Why are there wars, hatred and destruction today?

Why is it hard for us to admit our own lies? That we serve Satan. Why do we fear God instead of loving Him, and why do we have the authority of man instead of God’s messengers. Have we earned our reward in Paradise? What have we done for Allah? For the Prophet? Who is our God and who do we really serve?

We were given the Truth by Jesus and the Prophet, but why did we choose another way? Do we deserve what is coming? Will we be able to find Life, come to our senses, change the world, and save all mankind? Or do we think someone will come along and do everything for us? Why do we listen to the devil?

It’s simple. The world is either black or white, it is no longer grey. Choose who you are with!

Watch the full version of the video “Are You Ready?”, an excerpt of which is presented in this video



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