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Why does the world community live by double standards, by double morality? Why does a person say one thing, think another thing, and act in a third way? Why do double standards of consciousness cause conflicts and tragedies in relationships? How does consciousness play on people’s emotions, forcing them to fear, to worry, forcing them to wake up in sorrow and problems? How does consciousness live at the expense of people’s attention, and how does it dictate to them how to live?

And also, the answers to these questions:

  • Why does consciousness judge female groups of Allat bearers (“the Heavenly Birds”), those who grant spiritual life, but it is silent when it comes to male groups that bring enslavement and death to the majority of people?
  • What harm is done to humanity by the actions of secret male unions that engage in power sexual practices, fiendish rituals and magic, and why do they do this?
  • Regarding the cultivation of the 13th one in their group, and what danger he represents for the society.
  • How is the hierarchy of power of the invisible world reflected on the human society through consciousness?
  • How to stop “the war of demons” in one’s head?
  • What is a sect?
  • How does consciousness replace the Personality’s desire to be free from the system’s tyranny, and how does it transform this desire into an external fight?
  • Why do two people meet and start fighting for the power over each other?
  • The lost knowledge. Why did they embalm the deceased in Ancient Egypt, and what does it have to do with subpersonality cycles?
  • What is the phenomenon of a name and an image?
  • Holy places, places of power. What is an active sign in holy places, and why does it work at a certain period?
  • Agapit of Pechersk. Why does the sign get activated on certain days of the year?
  • What makes the hajj to Mecca so valuable?
  • What is the meaning of Zulfiqar today?
  • How does activation of a sign occur, and how do signs work?
  • What qualities does the ALLATRA sign possess?
  • 27 grains of the Truth. What is lost?
  • What is ALLATRA?
  • Red, white, and black colours. What was their sacral meaning in ancient times?

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