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Dr. Naser Salama, Egyptologist: “The Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians”

Dr. Naser Salama – Master of Archeology in Egypt, registered for the degree of Doctor of Archeology; Secretary of Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Ministry of Antiquities.

In the interview to the volunteers and participants of the International social research project THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN of ALLATRA International Public Movement Dr. Naser talks about worldview and beliefs in ancient Egypt, about the importance for every person to choose his or her life path and possible consequences of this choice.

What role does the ancient sign “AllatRa” play in the culture of Egypt? What deep meaning the ancient Egyptians endow their writings with?

What is true love? How to cultivate the best human qualities in oneself: kindness, responsiveness, respect for people? What common values have been uniting people of ancient and modern times in Egypt?

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