Earthquake in Alaska. Saudi Arabia: Snow in the Desert. Flood in Mecca. Venice goes Under Water

Today, weather conditions are changing rapidly across the globe. While some countries are affected by record drought, others suffer from abnormal floods.

Such words as “record” and “abnormal” is heard more often in climate news, but do we pay attention to them? Indeed, unpredictable weather conditions inevitably affect lives of many people and each of us.

In the 21st Breaking News episode on ALLATRA TV:

  • a series of massive floods in the Middle East, in Southeast Asia and South America. Flood in Mecca;
    snow in Saudi Arabia;
  • large-scale drought in Europe and abnormal heat in Japan;
  • devastating earthquakes on the border of Iran and Iraq;
  • earthquake in Alaska (USA);
  • a series of unusual tornadoes in Thailand, Italy and USA;
  • abnormal fog and sandstorm in China;
  • Venice gradually goes under water (ITALY).

As well as interviews with interesting people, examples of interactions and people’s mutual assistance.
On November 22 heavy rains came to the northern part of Iraq, which is located in the Middle East, and that caused a heavy flooding.

Large-scale flooding continues in the territory of Saudi Arabia. In the 19th episode of the Breaking News it was reported about heavy rains with thunderstorms throughout the country and a hailstorm that engulfed sand dunes.

On November 20 there was another series of rains. In a matter of days in Saudi Arabia there fell a 6-years’ worth of rain. On November 23 information was received that the territory of Mecca was flooded. And in the northern regions of the country – Ha’il, Al-Jawf and Tabuk it suddenly snowed.

On November 25 Torrential rain shower hit the United Arab Emirates. 2 month’ worth of rain fell within several days. Non-stop shower paralyzed traffic in Emirates of Sharjah, Ajman and most of Dubai.

On November 20 in Malaysia due to heavy rain that lasted for a couple of hours, there occurred a major flood.

And in Vietnam that didn’t recover from Typhoon Toraji yet, which covered the country on November 18, came tropical storm “Usagi” on November 25. In the largest city of the country, Ho Chi Minh City, a flood began.

On November 22, a hail storm hit the city of Sucre, Bolivia. Heavy rains caused a landslide in El Tejar.
While in Spain and Italy incredibly heavy rainfall leads to a flooding, paradoxically, but other European countries still suffer from the ongoing drought since summer, which causes a number of problems for nature and people. One of the obvious causes of the drought is the drying up of water bodies. A story of eyewitnesses from Germany.

In other European countries, the ongoing drought also causes big problems. The risk of fire has increased dramatically.

On November 25 there was a strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake on the border of Iran and Iraq. As a result 716 people were affected.

In the morning of November 30 in the South of Alaska there occurred a severe 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The epicentre was located 13 km/8.07 miles North of the city Anchorage. The earthquake has significantly damaged the houses and infrastructure.

On November 11, 2018 seismologists around the world recorded a mysterious earthquake. Its echoes were recorded in Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Canada and even on the Hawaiian Islands. Seismic waves continued for more than twenty minutes.

Thailand. On November 25, 2018 witnesses on the beach of Koh Lipe island managed to record four tornadoes at once.

On December 1-2, a series of devastating tornadoes swept across the US: on the way from Illinois to Georgia, 4 in Oklahoma and 1 in southwest Missouri.

CHINA.On November 25, 2018 a huge sandstorm hit Gansu Province in northwest China. The dust wall has reached a height of 100 m.

On November 26 there was an abnormal fog in the eastern and southwestern China regions. Visibility was 50m. According to the fog density classification this indicator is higher than the limit value.

From November 30 powerful storms with strong wind gusts that exceeded 70 km/h (43.5 m/h) have swept through the north-west of China .

JAPAN. On November 4 the warm summer weather in Oita Prefecture in southwest Kyushu 80,6 degrees Fahrenheit (+27 degrees Celsius), in West Fukuoka and Central Nara 78,8 (+26) degrees, and in Tokyo 71,6 (+22) degrees.

ITALY. Flooding of the city is faster than it was predicted by the scientists.

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