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Earth’s Core. How Can Humanity Survive? | Kaleidoscope of Facts 29

Today, everyone can see how quickly climate disasters are accelerating across the planet. We are told that people, through their activities, are those who globally influence these processes. But is this really true?

In the new episode of the “Kaleidoscope of Facts” research project, you will learn unique information about the core of our planet and the truth about the cause of catastrophic climate change:

  • What is happening today to the core of the Earth and the cores of the planets in our solar system?
  • What happened to Mars?
  • What do the changes in the Earth’s core affect?
  • How is the electromagnetic field structured and what is its relationship with the gravitational field?
  • Internal and external potential of the Earth: what is actually gravity?
  • How does climate change affect the health and well-being of a person?
  • Magnetic field: what is its importance to all life on the planet?
  • Core stabilization!
  • What is the Zeno effect?
  • Ways out of the climate crisis

It’s time to bring the truth back to people!

Video “Climate Cerberus” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

Email: info@allatra.tv

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