Earth’s magnetic field rapid change. What scientists say Facts and forecasts 2019

Today there is a high risk not to understand and underestimate all the factors and scales of cosmic and geological impact on climate change on Earth. So what is happening with Earth’s magnetic field? Why scientists had to renew World Magnetic Model? Drifting speed of the magnetic pole increase in 500%! What caught the attention of sailors in work of navigation devices? Interview with leading experts of the Institute of Geophysics by S.I. Subbotin name of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. See also today: Magnetic field of Earth or so-called geomagnetic field. It is an invisible shield protecting our planet from cosmic radiation and solar wind. Sun emits continuously currents of ionized particles dangerous to life on Earth. Earth magnetic field does not allow hazardous particles to pass close to the planet surface and let them flow around Earth. Earth magnetic field is connected with processes in liquid and solid core of the planet. How those processes have an impact on global climate? Scientists forecast poles changing; it is happening now — inversion or excursion. Impact of the magnetic field on humans, plants and animals. Forecasting disasters by Earth’s magnetic field monitoring. Planetary magnetic field measuring methods; role of “Intermagnet” international network, mission of artificial satellites; modern magnetic field study methods ALLATRA SCIENCE; ways of solving present climate situation. As it was written in book “Perekrestie” by Anastasia Novykh:

Today we prepared for you documentation for a more detailed examination. I’d like to say ahead that here is included our reports about contacts, and also ancient manuscript of civilization which succeeded to survive. This document was given with apparatus. Very interesting document, so to say, and very well timed. Apparently this civilization almost came to the end of the cycle like ours and received the same technogenic development. And the most interesting that it ended up in Earth and Sun cycle changing crossroad too. But these people have been able to hear warning of Shambala, find the strength to bring order not only to their own thoughts but to unite and change life in the whole society. Shambala just supported their choice and gave appropriate knowledge…

Choice is after each of us. Choice is after you!

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