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Effect of Prepayment

For many people, this life is the meaning of their existence only because they do not know a different life, let alone the life they will have after the death of their physical body. What should be done in order to stabilize oneself in spiritual development and start generating Love in unity with the Spiritual World?

What is it connected with, when some people have just felt contact with the Spiritual World, they cling to this Life, and nothing can stop them, they just continue to go deeper into this state and form Life in themselves, form an Angel in themselves, while for others this process is more difficult? Why for some people, when they work on themselves, their inner world changes quickly in a flash, while for others nothing changes for years and consciousness tells them, “You haven’t achieved anything, you’ve wasted years in vain?” Why do things happen to people that they talked about long before that event? How to retain the state of God’s Love, and what should be done for that?


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