Primordial physics

Elementary Particles. AllatRa Physics

The world of elementary particles in its laws, properties, behavior is much different from the usual judgments about it, formed by the ideas of classical physics.

With the era of new modern discoveries, the keyhole of the door to the microcosm, which forms the basis of the macrocosm of the entire Universe, was only slightly opened.

But all this turned out to be limited only by a small portion of the observed phenomena of the microworld.

Having the universal keys of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, you can not only open the door to the invisible world wide, but also enter it and come into contact with its source.

In order to understand the laws of the interaction of the microworld, a radical revision of many familiar concepts and ideas, a qualitatively new outlook on physics is needed.

PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS not only opens up the prospect of a completely different vision of physical phenomena in the microworld, but also sets out its fundamental principles and laws of interactions.

See more in the scientific video version of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS report.

In the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh, you can find the keys to understanding of the fundamental principles of the universe structure from the macro- to microcosm.

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