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Emergency evacuations: Nyiragongo volcano, powerful cyclone Yaas in India, earthquake in China 2021

  • In May 2021, 135 earthquakes of magnitude greater than 5 occurred around the world
  • Devastating earthquakes struck China’s Yunnan province
  • In the Congo, lava flows from the Nyiragongo volcano engulfed 17 villages and destroyed 2,500 homes. Many people died and were reported missing.
  • In West Java Province, Indonesia, flooding affected 60,000 people
  • China’s Qinghai province was hit by the biggest earthquake in 13 years
  • Heavy rains caused floods in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, causing dozens of deaths
  • A powerful cyclone Yaas hits eastern India, causing millions of deaths and evacuating millions of people
  • Major flooding in the Indonesian province of South Sumatra, floodwaters reached 1.5 m deep
  • May 2021 was the driest month in 56 years in Taiwan
  • Severe flooding in Iran and Oman in early May 2021
  • In the south of Tajikistan, heavy downpours caused mudslides and landslides; residents of 15 districts were affected
  • May 2 in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, received a month’s worth of rainfall in a 24-hour period

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