Emotional Burnout. Does a Human Need Emotions? Psychology. Discovering the Truth

Watch a new video of the cycle “Psychology. Discovering the Truth”, dedicated to the topic of emotional burnout.

Emotional burnout is an integral part of the work process in today’s reality. Exhaustion, despondency, detachment, depression, apathy: these are the words used by people to describe their condition and a total unwillingness to do anything! Emotional burnout is more and more often voiced as a cause and later on as a diagnosis, in response to requests from millions of people.

In a live conversation, the following aspects will be discussed:

  • What are emotions and what is their essence?
  • What makes us exhausted?
  • The real cause of emotional burnout?
  • Why does exhaustion arise?
  • Ineffectiveness of conventional approaches to prevention and treatment
  • What actually burns out, and what do emotions have to do with that?
  • Who is not susceptible to emotional burnout and why?

The main purpose of this broadcast is to convey to people the cause and effect of being emotional! To draw people’s attention to real tools and to offer indispensable assistance in such an important issue as gaining a stable state.

There is still quite a big number of gaps in psychology, which does not contribute to the effective resolution of requests from people.

So, dear friends, let’s together understand the current issues and get to know the Truth!

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