End of Times or Golden Millennium depends on people’s choice

Text version of the programme “CLIMATE. THE FUTURE IS NOW” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Part 3.

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What is the meaning of humanity’s existence in this world. Most people do not believe in the End Times. The system doesn’t allow people to see what is going on outside. The world is changing dramatically. Shall we go on living as we live now or shall we unite and live as one spiritual family during the times of the crossroads? The End of Times or the Golden Millennium – people will get what they choose.

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Part 2.


December 21, 2012 is it the beginning of the End Times?

T: What is this date? What happened on December 21, 2012?

IM: I would put it this way: this is the beginning of the end or the beginning of beginnings. What really happened? A lot happened: this was the beginning of the time of the Crossroads. That’s what actually happened.

A countdown started. Now, if we take the cycle of human civilisation: it is 12,000 years. While the small cycle is the time of the Crossroads. It’s the time of people’s choice, what they choose: to live or to die. And the twelfth year – it has defined itself this way.

Simply put, December 21, 2012 is the beginning of the Crossroads which will last (this is easy to calculate, here we are again making futurological forecasts) for 12 years. Whatever humanity attains during these 12 years, that’s what will be.  And what is the period of implementation afterwards, after the choice? It’s not hard to calculate. But these are definitely not hundreds or thousands of years, or even decades. Again, how much time is given for the implementation? The fractally repeating (T: Twelve…) small cycle.

That is, during this time, and this can happen either immediately or a little bit later, but not longer than this period. And we must understand that if such events occur, they don’t occur instantly. This is a slow process, it is spread over several years. But if it begins, it will be irreversible.

Coming of the End Times depends on the human’s choice

T: That is, in fact, humanity has a chance to make this (IM: Step) inner step, this inner choice now.

IM: Yes. But considering how many people, let’s say, are controlled by… how to say it politely, well, not by themselves…

T: …but by consciousness.

IM: Absolutely right.

T: You’ve also talked about cyclicity, and there are also a lot… and scientists confirm what you’ve just said about the cyclicity of the processes, and…

IM: But this was known.

T: Yes. It was known in ancient times as well.

IM: In ancient times as well. Do you think people don’t know today? They do.

T: It’s just that even, you know…

IM: But it’s not talked about, so that… there would be no panic or something else, because people will give up. Well, when they give up, they’ll stop buying. And what is the main thing for our civilisation? Goods turnover. What should the consumer society do all the time? It should consume. Shouldn’t it? Everything rests on this, the whole meaning of human existence. A simple question, what is the meaning of our humanity? Well, everyone finds some excuse for himself, why he is here. Right or wrong – well, this is already the person’s choice. But what is the meaning of the very existence of people, of humanity as a whole?

T: They miss this point, yes. The point where everyone should arrive. But indeed, it was also said in religions, for instance, if we look at eschatology, it talked about the importance of human choice, especially during these times, the end of times, when an active position of people is certainly needed.

People feel that the End Times are coming

IM: Well, and again, you are saying “the end of times”. What do “the end times” mean? And how many times have these end times been announced?

T: Well, yes, here of course, if we look at how human consciousness now perceives information of any kind about the end of the world.

IM: Of course. Wasn’t it announced a thousand years ago about the end times?

T: Well, it’s interesting how the system has done its job. That is, it’s very…

80 years after Jesus left, the end times were announced

IM: 80 years after Jesus left, the end times were announced. And so it continues to this day. And when mass media had developed, the Internet appeared and the like, don’t they talk about this? The end of the world happens almost every year (T: Well, it’s interesting that…). You’ve just been telling us.

T: Well, it’s interesting that currently even people themselves in society feel that it is close…

Brainwashing: the system doesn’t allow people to see what is going on

IM: That’s the trouble of the humankind, you see? The Angel which is inside a person, the one whom we call a Personality, he does feel, he does feel the truth, and he understands.

But the dominant consciousness forbids him to even make a move. And immediately there appear lots of things to worry about for the person: some problems with health, or some other ones, well, that are much more important than survival. Isn’t it so? (T: Yes.) And if we look at it on the scale of humanity, then there immediately arise all sorts of crises, some complications: geopolitical, macroeconomic issues that come to the forefront, right? At the moment, generally speaking, the situation is acute, almost up to a nuclear war.

T: It’s interesting how the system, in general, has been preparing people. It turns out that any… any mention…

IM: And here you’ve brought up the key point: the system has been preparing people.

T: It was brainwashing them.

IM: Of course. After all, it’s been said: no one knows when it will happen. But in reality, no one knows, because the choice is up to people. But when the choice is made, well, then everything will be clear.

T: This just confirms that such an activation of the system precisely within these generations, yes, which live now, who come across this information, this also confirms that the events will actually occur within the generation that was brainwashed by means of consciousness, by means of mass media.

And, after all, people indeed distrust this information a bit nowadays. Some think that this is a joke (IM: Of course, they distrust it), some think that it’s a lie, that someone wants to profit on them once again.

Consciousness doesn’t believe in the End of Times

IM: But isn’t that true? And how much profit was made? Well, they are constantly profiting. You’ve just mentioned 2012, and how mass media, let’s say, promoted all this.

How many people have profited from this? Did people believe? No, they didn’t believe. Consciousness doesn’t believe it. It doesn’t believe to the point of no return, put it this way. But when an understanding comes that this is the end, that’s when panic begins. Well, then it is pointless to do anything.

T: It’s just that this moment, how important it is for people to be ready and stand together at that point which people will come to, in order to…

No one knows right now what choice humanity will make

IM: Well, I’ll put it this way: no one knows right now what choice humanity will make. But whatever happens, it’s much more important to gain life now and to correctly distribute the main resource which I’ve mentioned – time and attention. What a person invests it in is what he becomes. If he invests it in life, he gains life. And then it doesn’t matter what will happen.  All people who are here are mortal. Sooner or later everything ends. Nowadays, time is passing much faster, and everyone feels this. And there’s a process of time acceleration: recently it was spring, and it’s already autumn, we’ve just celebrated the New Year, and it’s already summer. Well, isn’t that so?

And everybody notices it, even kids. They say, when a person is little, time goes more slowly, while for an adult it runs faster, and now even for kids it runs faster.

Well, the question is what do you spend this time on. And if you waste it on earthly things, and if you live, let’s say, just for today, well, in this day you’ll remain. While it’s important to enter tomorrow which will be endless. That’s what’s important.

Well, such people have nothing to worry about. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? And will there actually be this tomorrow? For them, there definitely will be. That’s what’s important

End of Times or Golden Millennium?

T: Igor Mikhailovich, at the end of the time of the Crossroads, if people make a choice towards the spiritual, towards attainment of Life, in favour of…

IM: Then they will get twelve thousand years, as they say, “the golden millennium”. But over time, it will end again, and we’ll again come to what we have come to now. This is inevitable.

T: What do people have to do in order for the “golden millennium” to come, for this to happen?

IM: They have to become people, free people. Free from the beast’s dictatorship. That’s what’s important. Do you know what the other trouble is?

I would say that everything negative that is imposed in our society is done by less than one percent of the total population. These are the people who are completely controlled by consciousness as part of the system, or, to put it simply, these are the ones who are manipulated by the devil. However, they are very active and very loud.

While more than 99% of people are passive. And there are a lot fewer of them, there are a lot fewer people who are more or less spiritually free (more or less, I emphasize). Those who feel, do understand, but they, like the remaining 98% (well, even more than 98%), are also passive.

But if all people stopped being silent, then everything would change. And no matter how those other ones would shout and make noise, then, as they say, their screams would not be heard in our whispering. Isn’t it so?

T: This is the key point that in whispering… that the Spiritual World is not loud, or noisy, or flashy, but deep, quiet, yet…

IM: Why scream? It is consciousness that screams. The devil is always noisy, fussy, because he is mortal, he is finite. From a human perspective, the system has existed for a long time. But in relation to the Spiritual World, it’s an instant. The system is like an illusion.

People are able to unite but the system imposes doubts and division on them

T: Igor Mikhailovich, there is also such a question: the system imposes doubts on people whether they will have time to unite. After all, so much time, it seems…

IM: We have said many times that no one divides people like the devil does. But the choice of people lies exactly in whom to serve: the Spiritual World or the devil. Isn’t it so?

T: Yes…

IM: It is precisely for this (T: Yes) that this time is given. That’s why they receive help, well, again, it’s impossible to make a choice instead of people. A human is free in his choice. This is the highest gift that a being like a human can gain. This is the right of choice: to Live or to die. 

ALLATRA IPM is an example of people’s unity

T: You know, it’s as if consciousness underestimates the role of people who can all unite. IM: People can do a lot. And nothing prevents them from gaining unity, absolutely nothing but thoughts in their head, coming from the devil. Nothing else.

T: After all, participants of the ALLATRA International Public Movement are an example of that…

IM: And they prove this.

T: Yes, they prove that people, by uniting, very quickly…

IM: Well, many people don’t understand what ALLATRA is. We have no financial interest in each other. Nobody rips anyone off, nobody imposes any religion on anyone, because ALLATRA unites people of various religions. People are absolutely free, and they unite. This proves the fact that people are able to step over satan. And this is true. But for this, you need to make an effort and spend your attention on what is good, and to spend time on what is good. Then everything is possible.

T: Indeed, you’ve said that the system imposes division, but our participants are precisely an example of this unity, consolidation of people’s efforts, because there are many different nationalities, so many people of different social status and from different parts of the world, they prove that simply…

IM: You see, nationality, (T: Yes) statuses – all this is imposed by satan. There is no difference, believe me. There is no difference between people. Angel has no nationality, Angel has no gender, and has no earthly capital. These have nothing to do with him. These are all earthly affairs. Isn’t that so? 

T: Of course.

IM: Well, so what’s the difference between them? Who was he, of what kin or something else? What capital did he possess? Yes, the main human capital is exactly that very Angel inside. It is solely the Angel that can get help from the Spiritual World.

While consciousness can get help from the devil, from the system itself, yes. If a person dreams of wealth, if he’s eager and ready to sell his soul, as they say, not actually to sell the soul, but to betray the Angel inside, to betray himself, the one who the person really is. For some candy which he can get, again, only if it’s beneficial to the system.

Then the system will give him this candy. So what? No matter how many candies you get, what will you do with them? How much does a person really need to enjoy? Is it really a pleasure? A simple question.

It’s a pleasure for those who don’t know what the Spiritual World is, and what true Love really is, and what sincere and real happiness is. For those ones, a candy means something.

But when you have something to compare with… That’s the point. The trouble is that people don’t know what they are losing, and what they trade their lives for. After all, every person feels that he’s in this world not without a reason, that he came here with some mission. But consciousness immediately makes a substitution. And what do people start doing?

Meaning of the human’s life in the End of Times

T: They think that salvation is accumulation of some kind of wealth, and after all, the system also demonstrates and says (IM: Sure) that the one will most likely get saved who has funds, who will manage to escape.

IM: Escape where? No one will escape from this sphere until he or she gains Life. To escape where? There’s only one gate. But a person must deserve it. Whom should one become: a sneaky devilkin or an Angel? That’s why they said and compared with the heavens, that a person should break out of this sphere. The gate to heaven is inside a human, and not somewhere in space.

People can change many things

T: This answers the question of how spirituality is actually connected with climate and the climatic situation…

IM: Well, directly. Let’s just say, people can actually change many things. Can people influence climate or something else? They can. There are numerous examples of this. But the world is different now. I’ll give a simple example. Let’s imagine: all believers of all confessions, of all religions, all clergymen and all saints, no matter of what dignity and rank they are, have gathered together, and they have all started praying for a mountain to move at least one millimeter. Will this happen?

T: No.

IM: Of course, it won’t happen. While the Allat sisters whom we talked about turned mountains into plains and plains into mountains. And this is true. And isn’t it mentioned? People can do it. But what is needed for this? To become humans and to unite.

But even in case of the most positive outcome, indeed, in just a little while the time of the Crossroads ends, and if humanity chooses the path of spiritual development, the path of unity, if everyone who’s alive at least a little bit stops being silent, even then we won’t be able to avoid most of the disasters that are already chartered, so to say. But we’ll be able to survive. However, we’ll be able to survive only together. 

And this is not a scare story, you can disbelieve it. “Big deal, a masseur-futurologist is telling tales, you can disbelieve this.” That’s what consciousness is telling many people. And this is also true. Isn’t it so? They don’t want to believe in what is bad. But they don’t want to believe in what is bad concerning themselves.

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