Envy — the Chains of Satan. Psychology. Discovering the Truth

“Psychology. Discovering the Truth” continues to look into the social phenomena inherent in contemporary society. Often people are guided by various attitudes and norms of life priorities, imposed on them by someone or something. We arrange our lives according to scripts without even thinking: do we really want to? We pursue our dreams without sparing ourselves! We are seduced by the image of a beautiful, carefree life filled with pleasures and opportunities. Usually someone else’s life. And that’s what we want. After all, this is the norm of happiness!

At least that’s what we’ve been shown, we’ve been convinced of it!

And here we are, blinded by envy, mindlessly rushing into the slavery of desire!

Watch in this episode of “Psychology. Discovering the Truth”:

  • what is the envy
  • the social background of envy
  • why we are envious
  • what drives envy in us
  • who and what we envy most often
  • how envy and attention are related
  • to whom and for what success comes
  • how to free yourself from the shackles of envy
  • what is worth spending your attention on in order to gain life

There are still many gaps in psychology that prevent solving people’s inquiries effectively. So, friends, let’s get to the bottom of the current issues and discover the Truth together!

Send your questions and suggestions to the project email address and write in the comments below the video.

Video “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive”


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