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Eruption of Sinabung volcano. Floods in Australia. India Fires in Portugal. Tornadoes in China

Watch in this Episode:
🌋 Volcanic eruption Sinabung on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia;
↭ ±M5 earthquakes in Chile, Algeria, China and the United States (in Alaska and North Carolina);
🌊 The worst flood in 29 years in New South Wales (Australia)
❄ Snow for the first time in 40 years on the island of Tasmania (Australia);
🌊 Floods in the Arabian Peninsula: in Yemen and Saudi Arabia
🌪 More than 20 tornadoes in the US, Canada and China;
🌊 Floods in Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Greece
🔥 Fires in Portugal;
🌊 Floods and landslides in India
💥 Abnormal heat in France;

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