The eternal Wisdom

Over the years that passed, after the first books had been published, many events have happened, which convinced me once again that a sincere desire of a single person to help people, together with his or her real actions and selfperfection, do bear surprisingly wonderful fruit. And it’s not even about the books as reading matter, but rather, about comprehension and putting the Knowledge given in them into practice. A book is a means of transferring the Knowledge; the Knowledge not in the sense of “property” or “one’s own conclusion” but as Wisdom from above that passes through centuries. The wisdom like an Open Gate for entering into that wonderful higher state of spirituality, through which the insight comes from the One Who created everything. The Wisdom that always was, is, and will be, even when the memory of its human conductors vanishes in the dust of ages.

It is this Wisdom, like a genuine seed, that gives good seedlings in a person, helping him to free his mind from the niche of human fears and narrow vaults of the darkness of delusions, to overcome the solidity of material thinking, and to discover the boundless realm of cognising the Truth. It helps him to rise above his earthly selfhood and to see the world from the height of spiritual view without prejudices and material blinders. The Wisdom endows a person with sincerity and a sense of purpose, enriches him with comprehension and raises the level of his responsibility for the spiritual quality of his life. 

This eternal Wisdom for a spiritual person is like vivifying water for a ripe ear of wheat grown from a good grain. It allows one to realise the root of human troubles and to improve the atmosphere of one’s spiritual life. It gives the main keys to understanding the complex reality of a human being and the world and serves as the source of creating unique conditions for the human being to shape a Spiritual society in the cruel world of the material Animal mind. The eternal Wisdom allows the human being to transform himself spiritually and to know the hidden essence of past and future events. This Wisdom is precisely the constructive principle created by Him, which opens for each person, who has accepted It, the path to His Eternity. 

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh 

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