Videos with I.M. Danilov

Experience of Enlightenment

Experience of enlightenment. What should be done so that a person feels free as Personality? What is meant by the modern word “enlightenment” in this consumerist world? What happens to people who have attained false “enlightenment” (awakening), and how does this experience differ from true spiritual enlightenment? Why do people observe the effect of a bright flash with their inner vision, and what is its nature? How do primary and secondary consciousnesses work during various effects of false “enlightenment”, and how do they create an illusion? What happens to a person in the days following such a false “enlightenment”? Why is this dangerous for the human psyche? How do brain neurons work, and what is their interconnection with chakrans and energy meridians of a human? What is an accumulation of life energy? How does the Light of a non-material origin arise during spiritual work? How to gain Life?

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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