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Exposure of Satan

Catharsis is the fundamental initial practice which any person should perform regardless of religion if he really strives for God. Catharsis gives a person an understanding of who he is as a Personality and what the devil is. Why is it very important to work on yourself, to expose your own consciousness and its manipulations over you, or as they say in religions, “to expose satan”?

Where do intrusive thoughts, which spoil your mood and drive you into a state of suffering, appear from? If you do not know the enemy, how can you distinguish a friend from a foe? At this point, when you understand who you are, when you are aware of shaitan’s tricks, what thoughts he foists on you, what reactions he causes in your body, how he forces you to envy, to lie, to desire what you don’t need, and to dream of earthly things instead of striving for the Divine, for the Eternal — when you understand this, you become free in your choice. Until you know that there is satan, you will doubt God.

Who forbade exposing satan and introduced ritualism instead of God’s Love? Who told people that they are “God’s slaves”? These and many other questions are discussed in the video “Exposure of Satan” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov on

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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