Primordial physics

Ezoosmic Membrane is a Unique Intangible Structure

It represents the “sides” of the spatial cube of every ezoosmic cell. 
It is through the ezoosmic membrane (its center) that the main action takes place, which gives life to the entire material system – the process of EZOOSMOS.

The so-called “measurement paradox” is inherent in it. In the third dimension, the ezoosmic membrane has almost no thickness, but at the same time it really exists, and its internal space is unlimited.
Between adjacent ezoosmic membranes located on one straight line, the absolute maximum distance is always observed.

From a materialistic point of view, there were different records on the inexplicable inner space of the ezoosmic membrane which, on the one hand, has no thickness in the third dimension, but on the other hand, its real space is unlimited.

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