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Fighting for Life

Is human consciousness capable of believing that this world is on the verge? How do people deal with truthful information, for example, about the cataclysms taking place on the planet nowadays? Do they take it seriously? Are they actually fighting for their lives and the lives of other people? No, they are looking for ways to make money on this and to manipulate this information. This is our essence, this is our truth of the consumerist format cultivated on our endless desires of shallow existence. How do people deal with their own destiny? Do they actually spend it on gaining Life? No, they spend it on gaining illusions.

The true victory of a human is the attainment of Life Eternal. This is indeed a victory, a victory over death. Meanwhile, we keep pinning our hopes on powers that be, on aliens, just on anyone, including religions which tell their adherents that “God will take care of everything, God will save us”, forgetting to say that 2,000 years ago and 1,500 years ago God already solved this problem by sending us the prophets who came and told us the Truth. They told us about the events that are happening in our world nowadays. They told us what needs to be done for us to survive. But they also told us what everyone should do in order to come to God. The path to God lies through Love and depends on every person; no one will be able to gain spiritual salvation for you. You yourself must learn to Love. While with the devil inside, it’s not easy to learn to love God. That’s the whole point. What you choose is what you will come to.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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