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One summer, when my daughter was 3.5 years old, I decided that it was the best time to tell her about “the Lotus Flower” spiritual practice. I didn’t quite know how to do this without overwhelming her with too many words.

In order to not overthink it, I decided to put it on hold. After all, one of the sacred truths of our culture learned from childhood is that morning is the mother of counsel.

Several days passed, and this question got lost in the whirlpool of everyday events, desires and thoughts. It came up unexpectedly while we were walking home from preschool. The weather was great! The day was filled with warmth, blooming flowers and birds’ singing. We were enjoying the moment to its fullest! Even the absence of the Sun didn’t affect our high spirits as we were living in that moment without a hint of sadness. My daughter sat on my shoulders swaying as we walked. We were talking and playing attention training games. One of these games is to search the street for a tram and yell, “A tram!” whenever we see one. The other person has to repeat, “A tram!” And after this we will both shout merrily, “We are the winners! Together we have won!”

All of a sudden, my daughter sighed heavily, looked at the sky, and said it was a pity that the Sun was hidden by clouds, and we couldn’t see it! As if by magic, a great idea dawned upon me. I immediately seized the opportunity, “You know,” I said to my daughter looking at her, “the Sun lives not only in the sky but also within you.  There is also the Sun inside of me and mommy, as well as in all your friends. Maybe even your bunny has it.”

Having caught her attention, I continued with my explanation, “And this Sun, it’s always with us. It always shines for us and doesn’t hide anywhere. Surely you know that the Sun lives within you?”

My daughter’s answer, “Yes, I know,” astonished me.  I put my hand on her Solar plexus – the name itself is quite telling, you can easily guess who abides within us – and continued with the story, “Here is where the Sun lives. Do you feel its light and warmth?” She sincerely confirmed that, indeed, she could feel it.
What a magical day we had. I got the chance to tell my daughter about the “Lotus Flower” practice. At the time it was, and still is, a game with the Sun when we tried to illuminate everything around us with its beams. But this game is her first step to such essential spiritual practice as the “Lotus Flower”.

Such amazing little fairy I have!


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