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FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY! International press conference on ALLATRA platform. June 22, Atlanta, USA

On June 22nd, a press conference “FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY!” took place in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Uniting people from around the world including Germany, Spain, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and many other countries via online video conference.

Those present at the conference included ALLATRA International Public Movement participants, representatives of various public, social and religious organizations and officials from diplomatic and political circles as well as members of the media.

Speakers of the conference were:
Robby Wells, USA Presidential Candidate, Ambassador and spokesperson for The International Human Rights Peace Commission (IHRPC)
Marina Ovtsynova, a participant of ALLATRA International Public Movement and one of the main speakers at the international conference of a new format “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE”
Chander Gambhir, former Indian diplomat
Robert Kennedy, the president of the Atlanta Council on International Relations

As a result of the conference, people at all locations in different countries of the world continued interacting and exchanging ideas and concrete suggestions. During video interviews, many expressed their delight of the words voiced by the speakers. Those present shared their understanding of how much the world society needs such changes today. After all, good kind people all over the world are truly ready for unification and actual constructive actions.

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SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE, May 11th, 2019. International Conference on ALLATRA IPM platform

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