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Spiritual practice. The practice of tunnelling. Work on oneself. Global climate change. Different physics. The multipurpose complex VOSKHOD (SUNRISE) — a new development by the XP NRG company. Communications of the future, prospects and capabilities of XP NRG.

Spiritual practice.
Peculiarities of working in spiritual practice. Prayerful states. Stages of mastering spiritual practice. Jesus’ Prayer. Why is it necessary to intensify Love during the day and constantly support this inner fire? What should you do if Love has weakened in you? What does it mean to live by the Spiritual World, by that which gives happiness and Love? What does it mean to gain Life? The meaning of life is to Serve God. Why should a human enter the Spiritual World only on his own, through individual spiritual work on himself?

The practice of tunnelling.
Peculiarities of the practice of tunnelling. What is the cause of the tunnel effect? Why during tunnelling do some people experience intense fear and panic, and how can one get out of this state? How is a portal generated? Why does a flash form?

Work on oneself.
Why does consciousness create a fuss? Why is consciousness deceitful, why does it throw in hesitation and doubts to a person and increase the pressure? Does the activity of consciousness during the day worsen the quality of spiritual practice? How does consciousness begin to enslave Personality, provoking doubts about the spiritual experience that has just been gained?

Examples from the lives of heroes.
If you don’t need your life, give it to people. How does the system create difficulties and throw in problems and doubts for those who embark on the spiritual path or take responsibility for matters that influence the destinies of many people and future events? How do brave people defeat the system?

Global climate change. Why has the planet started intensively emitting CO2? What is happening in the upper layers of the atmosphere? Why has the number of climate disasters on the planet increased? Does the anthropogenic factor influence abnormal warming? How can we find a solution and counteract global climate change?

Different physics.
Why is the Universe expanding? What is the power of Allat, and why is it important for any form of life? What is the outflow of Allat and the speed of its expenditure? Changes in time and space. What is time, and what causes the existence and movement of time? How and by what can humanity, united into a single whole, significantly slow downtime in their sphere, that is, to delay the inevitable end of the sphere’s existence? An experiment with time. The phenomenon of time: is it possible to penetrate into the past from the present and return to the present? What is an inertial leap? Is it possible to send an object into the future?

Advanced developments by XP NRG.
The multipurpose complex VOSKHOD (SUNRISE). How to save the smartest people and many human lives? How to change the world for the better? How to create conditions for a single global economy of the Creative Society?

The multipurpose complex VOSKHOD is a new development by the XP NRG company. The multipurpose complex VOSKHOD has been created to solve the problems of combating corruption in the state and economic sectors of both an individual country and any number of countries. Its purpose is to eliminate (localize) causes and conditions that generate and promote corruption in various spheres of society. This system helps eradicate corruption in any form of its manifestation and prevents corruption risks, phenomena and situations. It carries out crisis management and action planning in emergency situations. It contributes to capacity building in the field of economic management, ensures economic security, and performs many other functions.

The multipurpose complex VOSKHOD is designed for the transition period from the consumerist format of society to the Creative Society. It helps to get rid of the remnants of the consumerist format and create conditions for the Creative Society development and formation of a single global economy of the Creative Society.

Communications of the future. Prospects and capabilities of XP NRG company. Communication of the future. Is it possible to create an instant connection based on the paradoxes of quantum entanglement? Can large amounts of information be transmitted instantaneously and without hindrance? New prospects and opportunities which open up with the study of microworld physics and which can completely change the entire human life.

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