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Simple techniques of working with one’s own consciousness. The very first steps of working on oneself. It’s very simple. How to learn to control one’s own consciousness, and how to control thoughts? How to get rid of the dictatorship of consciousness and its obsessive thoughts? How to learn to control one’s own attention? How to find oneself? How to communicate in a family without resentment and complaints? Often people confuse the concept of Love with dictatorship. What is true Love? How to stop being unhappy and start Living? How to choose Life instead of death, Love instead of suffering? How to distinguish in oneself the spiritual component – Personality from the animal component – consciousness? What is  Personality’s spirituality? What is Personality’s action? How to attain freedom from the beast within oneself? How to develop the Angel in oneself? Simple tools of working on oneself that are available and clear to everyone.

Participants of the programme: Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, Zhanna, Tatiana.

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