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Friend’s Hand

A friend’s hand is a helping hand. What is spiritual salvation? How does it change a person, and what is its meaning?

What is a person’s inner connection with the Spiritual World like? Why is it important not to be silent, but to tell the Truth? Why is it important for the Truth to multiply? Why does consciousness hold people and prevent them from telling the Truth? Why do people quarrel and fight among themselves, and why does this still happen in human society?

What is service to God? Advancement on the spiritual path. The initial experience of division into an observer and consciousness.

The initial experience of spiritual contact with the world of God, with the Spiritual World. What is life in the Spiritual World like?

How to reach the “Lotus of the utmost boundary”? Personal experience of the Prophet Muhammad’s meeting with the Angel Jibreel.

How to become Alive? How can you help multiply the Boundless World?

Video “Do Not Be Afraid!”  

Book “AllatRa”


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