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On October 26, 2019, on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement, an online conference of the new format will take place “GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE” on the topic “FAIR UTILITY PAYMENTS AND SOCIAL LOANS IN CREATIVE SOCIETY”.

The following questions will be raised:

Utility payments
  • Unfair pricing.

  • What do the people in power hide from others under the stamp of secrecy?

  • The number of taxes included in the price of each energy resource.

  • Who and why makes it intentionally difficult to estimate the price (tariff) for energy resources?

  • What percentage of the minimum wage a person pays for utility bills?

  • Who benefits from the uneven distribution of resources across the planet ?

  • Why there is no development of any alternative energy-extraction technologies?

  • Who benefits from total monopolization of energy resources?

  • Utility bills in a creative and constructive society.

Social loans
  • Purpose of social loans.

  • Lack of full-fledged social crediting in the modern consumer society: loans for education, treatment, social housing.

The conference will take place on October 26, 2019 in Bratislava (Slovakia) at 15:00 (CEST 15:00). We invite everyone to join the process of live discussion in the series of “GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE”.

Live broadcast on

Bratislava 3 p.m.
Moscow 4 p.m.
Kiev 4 p.m.
Berlin 3 p.m.
Atlanta 9 a.m.
New York 9 a.m.
Toronto 9 a.m.
London 2 p.m.
Beijing 9 p.m.

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