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On November 30, 2019 an international online conference “Game of Professionals. PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS” was held in Kyiv, Ukraine on the ALLATRA international public movement platform.

The following questions were raised during the conference:

  • What are the elementary particles actually made of?
  • How do the processes of the invisible world manifest themselves in the three-dimensional visible world?
  • Where does the visible matter come from and where does it disappear?
  • What is beyond the material universe?
  • Why was the aether theory forgotten and who was behind this?

A tour into the history of the modern physics development over the past few hundred years was conducted. The reasons why today’s science had reached a dead end and how that was related to the formation of a consumer society became obvious with our illustrative examples.

The systemic crisis affects all spheres of social life, including science. The development of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS foundations supported with due attention from the scientific community, allows us to overcome this stalemate in the shortest possible time and put science on new, creative course. This will give an opportunity to solve the pressing problems of mankind once and for all in the shortest time possible, and make evolutionary breakthroughs in many fields of science.

PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS provides answers to questions like what is information, how is it transmitted and how to manage it? This knowledge in the long run allows to solve many applied vital issues for mankind:

  • How to generate chargeless free energy;
  • How to get high-quality food supply, clean water, air, clothes and whatever you may need in any quantity from elementary particles free of charge.
  • Medicine can become an exact science, with a clear understanding of the processes occurring in a living organism, at the level of molecular and genetic processes, as well as at the level of interconnection of elementary particles;
  • Prolongation of human life span beyond the species limit;
  • Climate geoengineering – what adaptive mechanisms need to be launched and how to do it in order to minimize the effects of global climate change on Earth related to the cyclical nature of space and geophysical processes;
  • how to provide humanity with an autonomous life opportunity in extreme climatic conditions on Earth and in space.

This game reveals many puzzles of the picture of the universe structure. But to be able to see this bigger picture we need a lot of altruistic researchers to unite and work together, people of Honor and Conscience who came to science not for the sake of money and glory, but for the development of science itself for the benefit of society, for the sake of higher humane goals. We kindly invite representatives of different fields of fundamental and applied physics, scientists, researchers, students who have read the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS report and are interested in further studying its foundations and their practical application, to cooperation.

The development of science should go hand in hand with the formation of a constructive society in which scientific discoveries serve the benefit of all mankind. One is impossible without the other. Today we have a real chance to pass a truly worthy future on to our descendants! And we can only do this together!

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