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Game of Professionals. The Invisible World. Ghosts

On March 14, 2020 at 09:00 GMT, a live broadcast of the “Game of Professionals. The Invisible World ” will be held on the topic of “Ghosts” on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement. All people from different countries of the world can join this Game via live broadcast. The topic of ghosts is one of the most discussed and controversial in the field of paranormal phenomena. Scientists, representatives of religious denominations and witnesses of such phenomena as ghosts are invited to this international conference. This is the third Game of this series where different questions will be discussed, such as:

  • what’s the difference between a ghost and a poltergeist?
  • historical examples and eyewitness’ experience;
  • various versions about the nature of the phenomenon and an open conversation with scientists;
  • an interesting experiment from the participants of ALLATRA TV.

The live broadcast on will start at: Almaty – 15:00 Prague – 10:00 London – 9:00 Kiev – 11:00 Moscow – 12:00 Berlin – 10:00 Everyone who is interested in studying this phenomena with us is invited to the “Game of Professionals. The Invisible World”. Our Game is intended to draw the attention of the world community, scientists and researchers who are interested in these topics. ALLATRA International Public Movement is an open platform for all people who sincerely strive to jointly study and implement creative and constructive projects.


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